40-Piece Steel Slatwall Accessory Kit

40-Piece Steel Slatwall Accessory Kit

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Maximize your wall organization options with baskets, hooks, and utility components to keep you working efficiently, and your garage space uncluttered. Designed for use with the NewAge Products Steel Slatwall Backsplash and Pro Series Steel Slatwall, and compatible with most 3 in. on-center slatwall systems, the NewAge Products 40-Piece Steel Slatwall Accessory Kit includes everything you need for hanging tools, bikes, ladders, and other outdoor necessities.

The extra strong steel hooks keep your smaller hand tools efficiently organized, with Double Hooks to easily support the weight of grass trimmers or leaf blowers. Vertical Bike Hooks make it easy to wall hang your bicycles, for a cleared floor space, and the Deep Utility Hook keeps your extension cords and hoses untangled and easily accessible. A Magnetic Toolbar provides a unique solution for organizing your often-used hand tools, with the magnetic strength to hold pliers, clamps and screw drivers. Built with heavy duty steel for extra strength, and a powder-coat silver gloss finish that looks great in any space, the 40-Piece Steel Slatwall Accessory Kit helps to keep your garage efficiently organized.

Set Includes:

  • 12x 1 in. Single Hook
  • 6x 2 in. Single Hook
  • 6x 4 in. Single Hook
  • 2x 8 in. Single Hook
  • 1x Mesh Basket
  • 2x 4 in. Double Hook
  • 2x 8 in. Double Hook
  • 1x 4 in. Loop Hook
  • 1x Magnetic Tool Bar
  • 1x Shallow Basket
  • 1x Mini Basket
  • 1x Paper Towel Holder
  • 1x Deep Utility Hook
  • 1x J Hook
  • 2x Vertical Bike Hook


  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Powder-coat silver gloss finish with protective rubber sleeves
  • Made for NewAge Products Steel Slatwall systems, and compatible with most 3 in. on-center slatwall
  • Functional utility to keep your items organized
  • Magnetic Toolbar securely holds your quick-grab hand tools
  • Mini Basket is perfect for storing spray bottles and cleaning products
  • Paper Towel holder makes for a quick clean-up
  • Space saving durable Mesh Basket for balls and toys
  • Store footwear or cleaning products in the Shallow Basket
  • Combine with NewAge Products Steel Slatwall Backsplash or Pro Series Steel Slatwall to accessorize your set


24" W x 12.56" D x 5.71" H


Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty