10 Awesome Titanium Essentials for Everyday Carry (EDC)

Why is the wonder material titanium so sought after? Simple. Its awesome blend of toughness and light weight makes it supremely useful for essential gear that will be used and carried daily. Not to mention its undeniably aesthetic fits easily into a variety of different EDC setups and styles. And to help you find the pieces that are just right for you, we’ve selected 10 awesome titanium essentials that deliver functionality and flair in one.

Fenix ALB-20 Multi-Purpose Snap Hook (US$8.95)


The Fenix ALB-20 Multi-Purpose Snap Hook packs a punch for its pint-sized design, offering multiple functions including a hanging hook, keychain, bottle opener, and screwdriver. All in a durable yet lightweight build that uses TC4 titanium alloy. Add in its budget-friendly price tag and this is an appealing practical addition to anyone’s EDC setup.

Nitecore NSH10 Titanium Multi-Tool Snap Hook Carabiner (US$14.95)


The Nitecore NSH10 Titanium Multi-Tool Snap Hook Carabiner weighs in at just 0.26 oz (7.5 grams) but don’t let the light weight fool you. Its tough, corrosion-resistant build features TC4 titanium alloy that will stand up to daily use with ease. And with its variety of inbuilt features including a flat-head screwdriver, bottle opener, and keychain functionality, this versatile carabiner not only looks good but adds great utility to your EDC too.

Spine Titanium Wallet + Bottle Opener (from US$24.99)


Creating designs that exude simplicity and efficiency is a lot harder than it seems. But when done right, these designs are effortless to use and often look great too. Case in point, Spine’s Titanium Wallet + Bottle Opener. As the name suggests, the design incorporates a wallet and bottle opener in one. Made in the USA with grade 5 titanium, the wallet holds up to 10 cards and cash and is a sleek pick for pocket minimalists.

RovyVon Spring Cocoon U7 Titanium Capsule / Pill Holder (US$49.95)


The Spring Cocoon offers an elegant, quick-access way to store essentials you can’t afford to get wet. The screw-top capsule provides an equivalent IPX8 rating and is useful for a variety of items, from medication to rolled cash, dry tinder, or a spare battery. The top lanyard/paracord hole lets you secure it to a keychain or bag or simply store it inside a pocket until needed.

RovyVon Aurora A24 (G2) Dual Button Titanium EDC Flashlight (from US$89.95)


A source of illumination is a highly valuable addition to urban and outdoor carry setups alike. And the second-generation Aurora A24 is well worth considering thanks to its blend of lightweight durability and user-friendly functionality. It features an 850mAh battery and recharges via USB-C, while the dual-button design provides a simple interface for accessing different modes. Plus its magnetic clip allows for hands-free illumination too.



What would a screwdriver look like when inspired by pocketknife design? Simple. The BIGiDESIGN TI EDS II. Made with grade 5 titanium alloy, the revamped Everyday Screwdriver welcomes useful updates such as a fourth bit holder and a deeper carry pocket clip. Available in Stonewashed and DLC Black finishes, the design features a frame-lock screwdriver and includes four bits (each of which stores inside the frame-lock body for all-in-one carry). Compact and lightweight for easy carry but functional in use when extended out, this is a great choice for those who use screwdrivers on a regular basis but want the convenience of pocket tool portability.

Kizer C01c Mini Sheepdog Titanium Gray Ki3488A1 (2.6″ Satin) (US$169)


The Kizer C01c Mini Sheepdog is a worthy option for those seeking an urban/outdoor all-rounder. The compact design, tough and lightweight build, and easy flipper deployment make it convenient to carry and use on a daily basis. The blade is made with CPM-S35VN steel, paired with a titanium frame and handles. And the pocket clip keeps it at the ready when cutting tasks come your way.

Leatherman Charge+ TTi (US$189.95)


If you need a toolbox you can carry in your pocket, look to Leatherman’s trusty Charge+ TTi. With a choice of 19 tools on hand including pliers, wire cutters, straight and serrated knives, a saw, bit drivers, and more, this multi-tool can handle a range of needs in both work and day-to-day settings. It includes an S30V steel knife blade, titanium handles, a removable pocket clip, and a 25-year warranty for peace of mind.

GRAYL 16.9oz UltraPress® Ti Purifier – Covert Edition (US$199.95)


If you’re after a highly useful outdoor all-rounder, look to the GRAYL 16.9oz UltraPress® Ti Purifier. This titanium filter bottle not only purifies water but also provides a practical balance of weight and durability for outdoor carry. Not to mention the Outer Ti Cup can be used to heat water and cook food directly on a camp stove or near a fire. And the one-way valve also makes it easy to add electrolytes and sport drink mixes to water too.

Dango Products T02 Tactical[TAG9] Titanium Wallet (US$239)


If multitool-meets-wallet sounds intriguing, the Dango Products T02 Tactical™ Titanium Wallet should be on your carry radar. The wallet chassis features 100% titanium, paired with top-grain leather and a silicone wallet band. The wallet also comes with the Dango MT02 multi-tool which offers 14 functions such as a serrated and sharpened edge, nail pryer, phone stand, and more. The Dango MT02 multi-tool nests securely inside the wallet for all-in-one carry but can also be removed if required.

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