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New Jersey: Fast Facts on Trespassing Trespass Law Covers: Buildings, Dwellings, Land, Vehicles Crime Class: Misdemeanor Fencing Required?: No, but crossing fencing or barrier during trespass escalates penalty


Signage Required?: No, but trespassing in disregard of posted sign escalates penalty. Verbal Notice Required?: No, but trespass in defiance of verbal notice escalates penalty. New Jersey Trespassing Law Overview Trespassing in New Jersey is typically a misdemeanor, but some categories might fall into felony status. Trespassing upon utility company property or trespassing while armed with a weapon might fall under the provisions of the burglary statute. (See below.) Operating a motor vehicle or riding a horse on lands of others without written permission is a punishable offense in New Jersey. New Jersey has a “Peeping Tom” law. Relevant New...

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