20 personalized Father’s Day gifts he’ll love

20 personalized Father's Day gifts he'll love— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Trying to think of fun ways to pamper your pop this Father’s Day? As much as he may enjoy a gift card to the Home Depot or his favorite restaurant, there’s no denying that putting a little extra thought into his gift will make him smile. With that in mind, we scoured the web for more than a dozen best-selling personalized Father’s Day gifts. Whether your dad is a sports fanatic, jewelry-wearer, or craftsman, ahead you’ll find plenty of gift ideas to make him feel special this Father's Day.

1. For the dad who loves baseball: MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

Baseball Bat Bottle Opener
Credit: Ward Wallau/ Uncommon Goods

They’re made out of actual bats used during games.

Does your dad love to kick back with a beer and watch baseball games with you? If so, gifting him one of these bottle openers is sure to make his day. Made from recycled MLB baseball bats, the bottle opener will make him feel like he has an actual piece of the action that the two of you have bonded over for so long. Best of all, you can actually choose which team you want the bat from for your bottle opener. Pretty cool, right?

Get the MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers from Ward Wallau on Uncommon Goods for $115

2. For the dad who likes to accessorize: Personalized Leather Bracelet

Custom Leather Bracelet
Credit: GoWildBoutique/ Etsy

He’ll want to wear it every day.

If your dad enjoys accessorizing, you can’t go wrong with one of these personalized leather bracelets. Where the outside of the bracelet is plain and unassuming leather (though, you can engrave it if you’d like), the inside has space to share a sentimental message with your pops. Just keep in mind that you only have 256 characters to get your point across.

Get the Personalized Father’s Day Leather Bracelet from GoWildBoutique on Etsy for $23

3. For the dad who loves whiskey: Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Custom Whiskey Barrel
Credit: Uncommon Goods

Just like the barrels you’d find in Kentucky—only smaller.

Available in five-liter and two-liter options, this personalized whiskey barrel is a cute way to not only honor your pop, but to give him a fun place to store his favorite malts, too. And since you can customize it with your own distillery name and dates, it’s sure to make for the perfect photo opp. Just keep in mind that, thanks to the barrel’s small proportions, it accelerates the aging process by up to 10 times. While that might sound fab, it really means that your dad will have to drink it faster to enjoy its peak flavor.

Get the Personalized Whiskey Barrel from Uncommon Goods for $85

4. For the dad who carries a tape measure everywhere he goes: Personalized Tape Measure

Custom Tape Measure
Credit: TerryInTexas/ Etsy

He’ll think of you every time he has to measure something.

Available in six sizes ranging from six feet to 30 feet, this custom tape measure is the perfect gift for the dad that’s forever measuring things. It can be personalized with up to 256 characters and unlike some custom pieces, this measure features a permanent customized disc, so your message won’t disappear over time.

Get the Personalized Tape Measure from TerryInTexas on Etsy for $6.95

5. For the dad who dreams of game nights at the lake: Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board

Custom Cribbage Board
Credit: Uncommon Goods

There are more than 7,500 lakes to choose from.

If your dad’s idea of a perfect night is one spent playing games with his loved ones at the lake, then look no further than this custom lake art cribbage board. The 2-player board comes with pegs but cards are not included. (And, if your dad loves games but isn’t familiar with cribbage, don’t worry! Uncommon Goods provides instructions.)

Get the Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board from Uncommon Goods for $69

6. For the dad who can fix anything: Personalized Hammer

Custom Hammer
Credit: WeddingsDecorAndMore/ Etsy

He’ll love this so much he might not want to actually use it.

Is your dad always there at the drop of a hat when you need something fixed? Show him how much you appreciate it by giving him a custom hammer. You’ll have 256 characters to get your message across and, considering nearly 150,000 Etsy shoppers have added this custom gift to their cart (and over 18,000 have reviewed it), you’ll have plenty of ideas to gain inspiration from.

Get the Personalized Hammer from WeddingsDecorAndMore on Etsy for $13.99

7. For the dad who looks forward to his nightly glass of Bourbon: Personalized Bourbon Barrel Flight with Glasses

Custom Bourbon Flight
Credit: Jeremiah and Kassy Reynolds/ Uncommon Goods

Take your dad’s tasting to a whole new level.

If your dad doesn’t want to put his bourbon in a barrel but would love to set up a tasting flight, this set is a shoo-in. The 9-inch by 6-inch flight board can be customized with the message of your choosing and it comes with four Glencairn glasses for the best tasting experience possible. And it’s handmade in America, so it’s supporting local business.

Get the Personalized Bourbon Barrel Flight with Glasses from Jeremiah and Kassy Reynolds on Uncommon Goods for $75

8. For the sports-loving dad: Personalized Father Son Shirts

Father-Son Shirts
Credit: EpicTees4You/ Etsy

These will make for an adorable photo opp.

How cute are these father-son jersey-inspired tees? Available in 16 color combinations and 18 sizes ranging from onesies to an adult XXXL, you’re bound to find an option fit for you and your pop (or your dad and your little one, because grandpas deserve extra love on Father’s Day, too). Whichever size and colors you choose, you can pick the numbers and names of your choice. Also, to be clear, daughters can absolutely wear these, too, so don’t let the product name fool you.

Get the Personalized Father Son Shirts from EpicTees4You on Etsy for $9.99

9. For the dad who loves football: New York Times Custom Football Book

Custom NYT Football Book
Credit: Uncommon Goods

They’ll love flipping through this book.

Have you bonded with your dad over football for years? If so, you can honor your pastime and love for your pop by giving him a custom New York Times football book. You can choose the team that means the most to your old man and get it engraved with a custom message for him. Needless to say, it’s the ultimate coffee table book for any football-loving pop.

Get the New York Times Custom Football Book from Uncommon Goods for $72

10. For the grill master dad: Personalized BBQ Tool Set

Custom Grill Set
Credit: TimWoodDesigns/ Etsy

Utility and a cute message—we love to see it.

There’s nothing like grilling out with your dad. And, with these custom BBQ tools, your dad will think of you even when you’re not there to partake in the fun. You can choose from a set of all three tools or pick the specific tools you’d like. No matter which tool you choose, you have 30 characters for your message.

Get the Personalized BBQ Tool Set from TimsWoodDesigns on Etsy for $12.75

11. For the dad who likes sharp-looking socks: Personalized Socks

Custom Cotton Dress Socks
Credit: Uncommon Goods

Cozy and custom? He’ll love them!

Available in black and grey, these custom cotton dress socks will make your dad swoon. You have the option to embroider them on the ankle and toe. And, despite their fancy demeanor, they can be cared for quite easily. Simply tell him to toss them in the wash and dry on low heat.

Get the Personalized Socks (Set of 5 Pairs) from Uncommon Goods for $50

12. For the dad who lives in collared shirts: Personalized Collar Stays

Custom Collar Stays
Credit: TomDesign/Etsy

Help him keep his collar looking its best.

Any dad that lives in business-casual and professional attire will love receiving a set of custom collar stays. Unlike jewelry, collar stays aren’t visible to the naked eye but they still embody just as much sentiment if they’re customized. With that in mind, these silver collars stays can be personalized in one of 12 fonts and you have up to 256 characters to get your point across two stays. Considering over 230,000 Etsy shoppers have purchased these cute accessories, it’s safe to say your dad is in for a treat.

Get the Personalized Collar Stays from TomDesign on Etsy for $30

13. For the dad who loves comics: Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

Custom Comic Book
Credit: Uncommon Goods

He’ll keep this forever.

Show your dad the hero you think he is with this adorable custom comic book. While you can’t personalize the illustrations to a tee, you can choose between light, medium, and dark skin tones, and customize it with your name so that it will say, for example, “A personalized comic book starring Rebecca’s Dad.”

Get the Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book from Uncommon Goods for $35

14. For the dad who loves to fish with his kiddos: I hooked the best Daddy! Fishing Keychain

Custom Fishing Keychain
Credit: kimgilbert3/ Etsy

He’ll want to carry this cute keychain everywhere he goes.

This stainless steel keychain features a hook, an “I hooked the best daddy!” charm, and as many little fish as you’d like. Of course, if you don’t call your dad “daddy” or if you’re looking for a gift for your grandpa, you’ll have plenty of options, as the “I hooked the best” charm is available in 14 cute ideas.

Get the I Hooked The Best Daddy! Fishing Keychain from kimgilbert3 on Etsy for $20

15. For the dad who likes to cook: Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Custom Cutting Board
Credit: DragonForgedStudios/ Ettsy

He’ll think of you every time he whips up a delicious meal.

Available in three sizes and three wood grains, this custom engraved cutting board can be tailored to your dad’s exact needs and style preference. Additionally, you can choose to incorporate a juice groove for an even higher-quality board. No matter which board you choose, however, you can engrave it with up to 256 characters, so you’ll have plenty of room to lay on the love for dear ol’ dad.

Get the Custom Engraved Cutting Board from DragonForgedStudios on Etsy for $32.45

16. For the dad who always loses his necessities: Custom Bedside Organizer

Custom Bedside Organizer
Credit: UrartDesign/ Etsy

He'll be so thankful!

Does your dad always misplace his phone, wallet, keys, AirPods, wedding band, and other super important items? With this custom bedside organizer, he’ll consider that a worry of the past. You can choose from four wood grains and 12 design options, ranging from monograms to cute sayings. Of course, if you’d prefer to create your own design, you have 300 characters to do so.

Get the Custom Bedside Organizer from UrartDesign on Etsy for $39.75

17. For the dad who likes to stay hydrated: Custom YETI Bottle with Chug Cap

Custom YETI
Credit: YETI

He’ll have you to thank for perpetually-cool water.

Help your dad cut back on his plastic waste by equipping him with a custom YETI water bottle. You can choose between adding a monogram, logo, or design to the front of the bottle. This 26-ounce bottle itself is designed to keep water cold for hours on end without getting covered in condensation in the process. And, unlike many stainless bottles, it’s dishwasher-safe, so it won’t require extra effort on your pop’s part.

Get the Rambler 26 Oz. Bottle with Chug Cap from YETI for $39.99

18. For the dad who spends lots of time in his woodshop: You are the BEST DAD I ever SAW Plaque Sign

Best Dad I Ever Saw Sign
Credit: CreativeGiftsNI/ Etsy

Your dad will feel a type of way when opening this cute custom gift.

As soon as your dad opens this cute saw-shaped sign, he’ll want to hang it in his woodshop. The sign is handmade and guaranteed to ship out within three to five days of tour order, however, due to the USPS having difficulties with deliveries, the seller can’t guarantee an exact delivery date, so just keep that in mind when ordering. Nearly 1,000 reviewers love this gift for dad, saying that it's absolutely beautiful.

Get the You are the BEST DAD I ever SAW Plaque Sign from CreativeGiftsNI on Etsy for $26.19

19. For the dad who loves to play video games with his little ones: Personalized Super Daddio Shirt

Super Daddio Shirt
Credit: PaulLoveGifts/ Etsy

Any Super Mario player will appreciate this shirt.

If your dad is well-acquainted with Super Mario Bros., he’ll love this Super Daddio shirt. As if the design weren’t cute enough as is, it can be customized with up to 256 characters. So whether you want to have it printed with your and your siblings’ names or use the customization to honor your dad specifically, you have options.

Get the Personalized Super Daddio Shirt from PaulLoveGifts on Etsy for $15.29

20. For the dad who believes ball is life: Dad's Dream Team print

Dad's Dream Team Print
Credit: ImpressionsWithLove/ Etsy

What a cute way to show off your family!

Available in four sizes, this dream team, basketball-inspired print can feature up to four jerseys, all of which can be customized with names, numbers, and colors. Just keep in mind that this is a print—it doesn’t come framed. So you’ll want to be sure of the size you order so you can buy the proper print frame size, should you want to frame it.

Get the Dad's Dream Team Sign from ImpressionsWithLove on Etsy for $13.11

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