5G AI, May Day or Mayday? Liar Liar Cell Tower on Fire?

By Patricia Burke

Sometimes, we learn to associate a phrase with a trauma…for example, sites of mass shootings or natural disasters, like Sandy Hook Elementary School, Hurricane Sandy, or Pompeii.

Those living in Boston in 1989 not only remember a horrific crime, but the discomforting realization that through prejudice, a community at large can be an unwitting perpetrator.

In 1989, in Boston, Charles Stuart made a frantic call to 911, stating that his wife had been shot. “The killing of Carol Stuart, who was pregnant at the time, on October 23, 1989, had touched off a national outrage when Charles Stuart told authorities that the couple had been robbed and shot by an African American man while driving through a poor Boston neighborhood.” “The crime was the biggest story in Boston that day and even led some national newscasts. Across the country, the story was portrayed as an example of what could happen to affluent people traveling through bad neighborhoods. In many papers, liberal policies were attacked and held responsible for the tragedy. Carol Stuart died, and although doctors were able to save her baby temporarily, the child also died days later. Charles Stuart underwent intestinal surgery for 10 hours, but his life was not endangered.” “In December, Willie Bennett, an African American ex-con, was arrested after his nephew jokingly bragged that he was responsible. Stuart picked Bennett out of a lineup in which the others were all clean-cut Boston police officers.” This was the last straw for Matthew Stuart, who had assisted his brother in carrying out the scheme.”[i]

Charles Stuart had in fact shot and killed his own wife and their unborn child. Bostonians were left with the terrible realization that everyone had accepted the premise that the wealthy, white couple had been shot – in a poor neighborhood, by a black man.

When Prejudice and Scapegoating Prevails

After the fact, there have been other examples of course corrections, where individuals have been scapegoated, though abuses of power and/or prevailing sentiment, with the truth unfolding later.  For example, men and women who have stepped forward to confront perpetrators are often not believed, until the issue reaches a point of critical mass, in communities, in companies, in churches. In the meantime, those individuals offer suffer. Families have been torn apart; sometimes, the courts and the mental health system have been inadvertently complicit, for example, removing custody of a child because a parent is presumed to be unfit.

Those aligned with the falsehood are often left with remorse and regret much later, wishing they could have chosen differently.

When Science Courts Industry, Science is Fiction

Fast forward to 2021, and the “science” regarding radio frequency exposures is firmly controlled by the equivalent of a crime syndicate know as ICNIRP, The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.[ii], [iii] ICNIRP’s safety focus is human exposure limits. Those experiencing physical harm are routinely dismissed as tin-foil hats and nocebos.

On the basis of pro-industry pro-military “expertise,” many decision-makers have disregarded input from constituents.

Those not engaged in corruption have the right, and the opportunity, to be increasingly concerned, and to investigate further. They may be inadvertently causing harm via false beliefs. Science evolves in the face of new evidence. Science can devolve also, with terrible, unintended consequences, (for example, placing the gas tank at the rear of a Ford Pinto.) In an age of accelerated experimentation, there can be many negative consequences, especially when early warnings are treated as collateral damage.

“We Didn’t Start the Fire” – Billy Joel

In addition to health, another inadequately monitored “safety” question regarding 5G, small cells, smart meters,[iv] and other wireless infrastructure is the issue of … fires.

Fire risk is not being addressed, in part, because the industry has its own scapegoat – 5G opponents, portrayed by the media “ intelligence”, and industry as terrorists and arsonists.

Brooklyn Bridge vs. Golden Gate Bridge, One of These Fires Would Not Be Like the Other

In April, 2021, as reported by the Environmental Health Trust, “A fire broke out on the roof of a Brooklyn New York apartment….” “According to some reports, the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction of a cell tower on the roof of the building.”[v]

In the picture, we see a brick building in one of the two cities in the United States where buildings are wired in conduit.[vi]

What might have happened had the fire occurred in drought-ridden, fire prone California?

As noted by the Environmental Health Trust, “More transmitting cell antennas in a community will increase the fire danger/risk. 5G/4G wireless facilities bring industrial equipment with electrical equipment into residential neighborhoods. Poles loaded with electrical equipment bring fire risks. Yet, telecom and the power companies are largely unregulated with minimal oversight in regards to fire risk.”[vii].

The industry and the media have had a heyday assigning blame for cell tower fires to conspiracy theorists. What has not been reported is evidence of investigation, arrests, trials, and convictions of individuals with a longstanding advocacy for EMF/RF/5G safety inquiry.

In her article in the International Business Times, Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust expressed the sentiments of most 5G opponents advocating to protect human health, human rights, and the environment. [viii]

“In addition to fire risk, 5G will increase ambient levels of wireless radiofrequency radiation. Peer-reviewed research has demonstrated a myriad of adverse effects from wireless radiofrequency radiation including increased brain cancer, DNA damage, oxidative stress, immune dysfunction, altered brain development, damaged reproduction, sleep changes, hyperactivity, and memory damage.”[ix]

Although the industry is loath to discuss it, brain damage is exactly what was discovered in firefighters with cell antennas on their rooftops.[x]

Two questions raised by Katie Singer of Electronic Silent Spring:[xi]

Did a professional engineer (PE) evaluate and certify any of these projects’ safety before they went live?

Who carries liability for damages—the landowner, the telecom corporation, both or neither?

In the meantime, legislators are passing bills right and left to expedite co-locating more antennas on more poles in more neighborhoods.

When Ethics Lead and Address the Power of the Lie

When utility employees attempted to warn about the fire risks of smart meters, they lost their jobs.[xii] When fire captains raised issues, they were ignored. Whistleblowers are helpful, but as long as the masses continue to ridicule and dismiss those advocating caution, monitoring, and evidence-based decision making, decision-based evidence making will prevail.

Unchecked manipulation of the power dynamics of perpetrator, victim, accuser, abuser can result in unchecked horror.

When Willie Bennett was arrested for killing Pamela Stuart and her unborn child, Matthew Stuart reached his breaking point. He was unwilling to allow the power of the lie to continue. We can all stop the power of the falsehoods, prejudice, dismissal, and ridicule from continuing. We need not be complicit.

Get un-smartified, get wise, and get wired.

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Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at stopsmartmetersMASS@gmail.com.

TOP IMAGE: Welding causes cell tower fire. Sanford, FL, August 24, 2013 https://insidetowers.com/sanford-florida-cell-tower-no-longer-a-risk/ Source: insidetowers.com


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