A utility sink or tub, often also referred to as a laundry sink, is a fixture usually found in garages and laundry rooms


It’s a type of large sink with a basic that can be as deep as 25” and it can be used in a variety of different ways such as for cleaning various tools, filling and emptying mop buckets, soaking clothes or even bathing small pets. They come in lots of different sizes and can be made of various different materials such as cast iron, stainless steel or ceramic. Utility tubs are meant to be practical so they tend to have more heavy-duty and industrial-looking designs. Let’s look at a few examples.
Mustee utility tub

This utility tub measures 34” x 40” x 24” and has a simple but also nice-looking design. It’s elegant enough to fit in most laundry rooms and deep enough to prevent splashing. It has four tapered legs with clean and simple lines that allow you to use this as a freestanding fixture but it also has a lip around the top which makes it possible to install it as a drop-in sink if needed. Installation is easy and can be done without professional help.
best laundry tub Mustee utility tub
Also, all the components are mold and mildew-resistant for added protection and versatility.
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There are plenty of individual elements and specifications to consider before choosing a utility tub. You might be limited by the width and depth that the tub can have but if there enough space and you also actually need a large tub in your laundry room or in your garage, consider something like this. This one measures 40” in width and is 34” high and 24” long. It’s a freestanding utility tub with four legs and it’s made of thermoplastic.
Floor-Mounted Mustee 27F Utilatwin Floor-Mounted Laundry
The bowl measures 24'' x 20'' and the faucet is not included.
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Not all utility tubs are big. If you’re limited on space or if you don’t need a large tub in your laundry room, something like this might be enough. The overall dimensions of this tub are 15.5” x 25.2” x 23.5”. It’s a freestanding fixture with four grey legs and a white square-shaped bowl. It comes complete with everything you need for the installation including the faucet, fittings, pipes, stopper and Teflon tape.
floor-mount 20 gal Floor-Mount Combo Laundry
The tub bowl is made of plastic and has a 20-gallon capacity.
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A utility tub or sink is a convenient and practical addition to spaces such as the laundry room, mudroom, basement, workshop or garage. They’re also really versatile and usually have simple designs. This one is fairly compact in size. It has a capacity of 19 gallons and it’s made of a durable thermoplastic. It comes with everything you need for the installation including stainless steel supply lines for hot and cold water, seal tape, rust-proof metal legs, floor levelers and also a plastic drainage kit, a rubber stopper and the faucet. The spout can be moved out of the way thanks to the 360-degree swivel mechanism.
Large Basin Stainless Steel High Rise Faucet Laundry Sink Utility Tub
The high end kitchen faucet adds style and greater functionality than a regular laundry faucet.
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Although most utility tubs are white, that’s actually not the only option and there are plenty of other colors to choose from. If you want something equally simple and timeless but with a more sleek look, a black tub might just be the perfect answer. It has a classic design focused on practicality and it’s all black. You can match it to a set of black appliances or cabinets or you can use it to add some contrast to the decor. This is a complete utility tub kit which includes a double-handle pull-out faucet that’s extremely practical and versatile. It also comes with stainless steel supply lines, a PVC pipe drain connection, thread tape, washers, nuts and a rubber drain plug.
Amazon Choice Black Utility Sink Laundry Tub
It's the perfect heavy-duty tub for washing and cleaning various big or bulky items, mops, tools and other things.
View Deal Laundry Sink Utility Tub With High Arc Chrome Faucet

Utility tubs are very useful for washing pets and this one was designed with an emphasis on exactly that. It can be accessorized with all sorts of different attachments and it even has cute dog paw decals on the front. It comes with a high art faucet with side sprayer, a towel hook and a storage basket for grooming products, soap and other things. It would make a perfect pet tub and it can of course also be used for various other tasks such as soaking laundry, cleaning tools, filling buckets and so on. It has a 19 gallon capacity with a deep bowl for minimal splashing. It comes as a complete kit which includes everything required for installation.
Side Sprayer Laundry Sink Utility Tub With High Arc Chrome Faucet
Fill a cleaning bucket with hot water without having to hold the heavy pail up to the faucet.
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In case you prefer something a bit more colorful, perhaps you’d prefer this blue utility tub which has a simple and practical design. It’s a freestanding tub with four strong and durable metal legs. It’s quite deep and has a capacity of 19 gallons. The overall dimensions of the entire tub are 23.5” L x 15.5” W x 23.5 H”. The high art faucet looks really nice as well. It’s tall and has a graceful shape and it’s black which goes really well with the blue tub and adds a modern and refined touch to the entire ensemble.
Free Standing Blue Utility Sink Laundry Tub 
The faucet also has a toggle button which lets you switch between a stream and a spray, depending on your needs.
View Deal TRINITY THA-0307 Basics Stainless Steel

This particular utility sink is a great option for small laundry rooms. It’s compact and has a simple and sleek design, with an emphasis on the large bowl which measures 8″W x 16″D x 13″H. Another thing that’s special about this particular model is the material. The sink is made out of stainless steel which gives it a more industrial appearance compared to other models. It’s a freestanding sink with four slender legs also made of stainless steel and adjustable stabilizers made of plastic that keep it level. 
Amazon Choice TRINITY THA-0307 Basics Stainless Steel
Chrome single handle faucet w/ hoses included
View Deal Complete 19 gal Laundry Utility Tub with Pull Out Faucet

Although utility tubs are not really meant to look great and focus on functionality rather than aesthetics, that doesn’t mean they’re ugly. A lot of them look similar to this tub. The design is simple and versatile and you can successfully incorporate this into a variety of different spaces and decors. This one has a white bowl made of thermoplastic and grey metal legs. It’s a neutral palette with a slight industrial vibe. It comes as a set complete with everything required for installation such as the supply lines and the pull-out faucet.
laundry tub set Complete 19 gal Laundry Utility Tub with Pull Out Faucet
The overall dimensions of the tub are 33-3/4'' H x 22-7/8'' W x 23-3/8'' D.
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If you want something extra durable as well as compact, small stainless steel utility tubs such as this one seem like a great option. It’s resistant to rust and corrosion and it’s also highly durable sturdy and resistant. It comes with all the necessary parts for quick and simple installation and the faucet and swivel spout are also included. An interesting feature is also the backsplash which is where the faucet is installed. The metal legs are also a bit unusual, featuring an H shape for added support and stability.
NSF Certified DuraSteel Stainless Steel Prep & Utility Sink
They have adjustable caps at the bottom which prevent them from scratching the floor and keep the sink level.
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