All in the Details: Pantone Powder-Coated Hardware from Designer Mark Lewis’s Online Shop

UK-based designer Mark Lewis has been “making decisions with his eyes” his whole life, he says, “beginning as an informal fashion advisor to my mum, age eight.” Lewis started his firm in 2008, and it’s grown from “a one-man band into the small firm we are today. In 2017 we launched our bespoke home range, making our designs available to everyone, not just clients.” We especially like his new line of powder-coated Pantone hardware; here’s a look.

mark lewis small utility hook pantone 425 Above: The [product id="1026799"]Small Utility Hook in Pantone 425[/product] is £6.mark lewis pantone 425 ceiling hook 2 Above: The [product id="1026803"]Pantone 425 Ceiling Hook[/product] is £8.50.mark lewis pantone 425 wall cord hook Above: The [product id="1026807"]Pantone 425 Cable Guide[/product] is £5.50. 

mark lewis pantone 425 elephant hook Above: The [product id="1026805"]Pantone 425 Babar Hook[/product] is £6.This post features updated prices and product links.

See more of Mark Lewis’s work:

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