Cute Cat Wall Multi-Purpose Hook

Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Home Organizer
Price: 12.95

Who doesn't love a cute kitty? This cat hook is perfect for hanging your clothes, towels, or anything else you need to hang up in your room. It's also great for the front door, so you can put on shoes before going outside.

  • When you hang the item on the hook and pull it down, the cute animal's head will stick out of the box, and when you don't use it, the package will automatically close.
  • It has a strong load-bearing capacity and can hang objects weighing at least 2.5 kg.
  • Self-adhesive, no trace after removal. Sturdy and stylish cartoon animal hangers. There is tape on the back.
  • Ideal for squirrel lovers home decoration for the cloakroom, bedroom, laundry room, utility room, kitchen.
  • The wall hook is made of high-quality ABS and non-marking adhesive material. Strong and sturdy.
  • Gray-blue cat/pink cat/light blue mouse/orange mouse/white chicken

Material: Plastic (ABS)
Size: 10.5*5cm/4.13*1.97inch
Product Weight: Cat: 34g, chicken: 39g, bear: 33g, mouse: 33g

What's in the Box:
1x Cute Cat Hook 

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