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Make Your KitchenAid PRETTY!!!

The KitchenAid stand mixer is an iconic kitchen tool, the form and function appreciated by professionals and domestic kitchen enthusiasts alike.  With an emphasis on quality workmanship, beautiful design and reliability, the KitchenAid stand mixer is an investment that will prove to be your greatest ally in the kitchen.

The team at KitchenAid have really outdone themselves with the option now available to completely customise your stand mixer to be the best reflection of your personal aesthetic and the prettiest, most functional accessory in your home. Here are the 5 steps you can take to elevate your stand mixer from functional to fabulous. 

Choose Your KitchenAid Model

This is where you pick the model of the stand mixer you prefer. You can choose between different models of stand mixer, depending on your kitchen requirements.

The KSM150 Artisan Stand Mixer comes with a 4.8L stainless steel bowl, a flat beater, wire whisk, dough hook and pouring shield. The attachment hub transforms the mixer into a pasta maker, food grinder, vegetable slicer, sausage maker and more. This versatile unit is available in six colours.

The KSM160 Artisan Stand Mixer is also equipped with a 4.8L stainless steel bowl and an additional 2.8L bowl. It features a flat beater, wire whisk, dough hook, pouring shield and is similarly transformed with the attachment hub to double as a pasta maker, food grinder, vegetable slicer, sausage maker. The possibilities with this clever unit are endless. This stand mixer is available in 12 colours.

Finally you have the KSM177 Artisan Stand Mixer. This is the ultimate powerhouse of versatility, delivering optimal power to prepare large quantities of dough and cake batter, without compromising on performance. Boasting a 4.8L stainless steel bowl, a 2.8L stainless steel bowl, a flat beater, wire whisk, dough hook, pouring shield and a flex edge beater to level up your culinary game. This unit operates with 10 function speeds, allowing you to whip, beat, knead and mix with skill.

The power hub fits over ten optional attachments that allow you to transform the stand mixer into a pasta maker, food grinder, vegetable slicer, sausage maker and more. Featuring a premium finish and available in two colours, this unit means business.

Choose Your Colour Palette

The differing models of KitchenAid stand mixers offer a variety of colour options. Each unit is beautifully presented, glossy and vibrant and will make a stunning addition to your kitchen décor, along with function, form and versatility. With colours ranging from white, black, grey and all the way through to beautiful pastels, pistachio shades and jewel colours – there truly is a colour to suit every palette and brighten every kitchen space.

Engrave Your Unit

Each model of stand mixer features a quality stainless steel trim band running horizontally across the upper frame of the unit. The team at KitchenAid will customise your stand mixer with two lines of text, at 18 characters each. This generous allowance allows you to play with a few engraving options to really make your mark on these fabulous units. ‘Sous Chef’ or ‘Mum’s Magic Helper’ anyone?

Add an Extra Bowl

Now this is where you really consider the function of your stand mixer and your kitchen requirements. Are you the type to spend a weekend afternoon doing bake prep for the week ahead? Prefer to meal prep in bulk and freeze quantities for later use? Consider an additional bowl for the times you need speed and efficiency to conquer more complicated recipes or to provide large batches of food with ease.

Personally, we can’t go past the more decorative additional bowls that are available such as the 4.7L white mermaid lace ceramic bowl, or the beautiful 4.7L white gardenia ceramic bowl. Picture the stunning combination of the KSM160 Artisan Stand Mixer in Shaded Palm, a deep, velvety green with the floral pop of the Gardenia bowl. We’re in love!


Add Your Attachments

This is where the magic happens. As we’ve mentioned, each of the KitchenAid stand mixers can host a variety of attachments to transform them from a stand mixer to a versatile kitchen powerhouse. Your stand mixer can be upgraded to a juicer, pasta roller and cutter, pasta press, prep slicer and shredder, a vegetable sheet cutter, spiralizer (with peel, core and slice attachment), food processor, food grinder, ice cream maker, grain mill and even host a sifter and scale attachment. The options are remarkable and with a click of an attachment, your stand mixer is transformed to a utility tool that can accommodate most functions of a range of other kitchen appliances and accessories. You can streamline your kitchen, save on space and boost your culinary prowess with the addition of a few clever attachments. All whilst looking absolutely flawless on your benchtop, with your clever customization of the colour scheme. 

The KitchenAid brand has long been synonymous with quality and versatility and these new options to upgrade and personalise your unit has elevated the humble stand mixer to the ultimate kitchen ally. Deserving pride of place on your kitchen bench top, these fabulous units will save your time, energy and sanity in the kitchen whilst elevating your kitchen aesthetic to truly Insta worthy.

Pop over to the KitchenAid website and start designing your ultimate stand mixer. 

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