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The holidays are still a few weeks away, but your shipping deadlines are looming! As you start wrapping up your wrapping, we’ve got some great suggestions to stuff your stockings and to add some last-minute fun to your last-minute purchases.

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Science Socks Ornaments

Suggested By: Jenny Bristol
Mfg: Science Socks
Price: $19
Purchase: Science Socks Ornaments
Description: Whether it goes on a tree or a hook or a knob, the ornaments from Science Socks are out of this world. This year’s James Webb Telescope Mirror ornament, especially. The whole world has been able to enjoy ridiculously high-resolution images of space this year, thanks to the telescope, and this ornament celebrates that achievement. Science Socks also has other ornaments, such as one for Hubble, the Dare Mighty Things parachute, the Chandra telescope, the Keck telescope, and several others. Click here to see several of the other telescope ornaments. If you want to bedeck your tree or any other location, check out the Science Socks ornaments. -JB

Hoglet Mouse

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Mfg: Hoglet
Price: $39.99
Purchase: Hoglet Mouse
Description: If you are looking for a quiet sensory fidget that also has a function beyond fidgeting, the Hoglet mouse should be on your radar. This wireless mouse is plug-and-play sensory fun with an outer shell that is made with high-quality, food-grade silicone that can peel off for deep cleaning. -Daks

The Dungeons & Dragons Tarot Deck

Suggested By: Z.
Mfg: Penguin Random House
Price: $22.49
Purchase: The Dungeons & Dragons Tarot Deck
Description: Despite being someone with no real connection to the supernatural (or spirituality in general), I’ve long been fascinated with the beautifully evocative design of tarot cards. While the images of the early 20th century Rider-Waite deck—perfectly illustrated by the often-unsung Pamela Colman Smith—still endure some 113 years after its initial publication, a new generation of artists and designers have recently begun integrating a healthy dose of pop culture into the realm of cartomancy. Such is the case with this officially licensed tarot set themed around the beloved lore of Dungeons & Dragons. With timeless characters, creatures, abilities, and archetypes representing all 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana, it’s a perfect stocking-stuffer for the tabletop gamer who has everything. And while I can’t exactly attest to its utility in soothsaying, I’m more than happy to sing the praises of its exquisite visual aesthetic. -Z. [Review materials provided by Penguin Random House]

The Anime Tarot Deck

Suggested By: Z.
Mfg: Insight Editions
Price: $20.21
Purchase: The Anime Tarot Deck
Description: If your interests lean more toward the kawaii than kobolds, never fear; there’s a themed tarot deck for you as well. The Anime Tarot Deck, as the name implies, marries the anime aesthetic with the western mysticism of tarot. The result is a refreshingly consistent collection of card images featuring all the magical girls, fox spirits, and battle-hardened warriors a fan could ask for. The illustrations are fun and engaging, the card quality superb, and while I don’t know if you’d want to use them for divination, they’re certainly an absolutely lovely collectible and conversation piece. -Z. [Review materials provided by Insight Editions]


Lunchbox by Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson

Suggested By: Sarah Pinault
Mfg: Workman Publishing
Price: $19.95
Purchase: Lunchbox by Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson
Description: From stuffing your stocking to stuffing your lunchbox. If you’ve ever had Instagram envy of all those delightful bento box lunches then this is the guide for you. From how to put together a completely green lunch box, or completely pink, to crafting a birthday box or trip to the zoo, this book walks you through what to buy, how to arrange, and how to adapt. I can’t say this is my everyday go-to for lunch, but it’s a lot of fun planning and executing something so delicious to the eye and the palate. -Sarah

ATRAC Magnetic Bracelet Keychain

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Price: $32
Purchase: ATRAC Magnetic Bracelet
Description: No pockets? No problem. The ATRAC magnetic bracelet keychain helps you stay hands-free with its soft vegan leather mag strap. This sleek and stylish keychain will keep your keys, wallet, and other accessories easily accessible by securing to your clothes via the rare earth magnets. -Daks

Koosh Cameos

Suggested By: Sarah Pinault
Mfg: PlayMonster
Price: $14.99
Purchase: Koosh Cameos
Description: Before there were fidget spinners, before there were pop-its, there was a glorious time called the ’80s. In the ’80s when we needed to fidget, there was nothing greater than the Koosh ball. You could throw it, stretch it, fling it at your friends, it was the best! Koosh balls were created in 1986, by engineer Scott Stillinger, and now you can get them with your favorite Mandalorian characters attached. Placed end to end, the filaments on each ball stretch more than 300 feet, though I wouldn’t advise taking it apart. -Sarah

Stranger Things Tarot Deck & Guidebook

Suggested By: Sophie Brown
Mfg: Insight Editions
Price: $25
Purchase: Stranger Things Tarot Deck & Guidebook
Description: Stranger Things was a cultural phenomenon in 2022 and this tarot deck will let the characters of Hawkins guide your readings through the new year and beyond. The deck comes in a beautiful, high-quality box and each card is stunningly illustrated with scenes and characters from the show. Also included is a 124-page guidebook that explores the meanings of every card (including reversed meanings) and some layouts for beginners. This will be an ideal stocking stuffer for Stranger Things fans who are looking to explore their spirituality or connect with themselves on a deeper level in 2023. -SB

Skull Candy Jib True 2

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Mfg: Skull Candy
Price: $40.00
Purchase: Skull Candy Jib True 2
Description: If you are looking for inexpensive, quality in-ear headphones this holiday season, look no further than the Skull Candy Jib True 2 headphones. They come in various colors, including my favorite, clear green. (You don’t lose these in a dark room, for sure.) They have 50% more battery than Skull Candy’s other buds and they have Tile technology, so you never lose them. Between the buds and the charging case, you get about 33 hours of battery for music, movies, and talking with your friends. They have onboard controls so you can adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer the phone, and talk to your phone’s assistant without grabbing your phone. And they are IPX4 rated, which means they can handle being out in the rain, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected weather messing them up. -Daks

Gravastar SIRIUS P5 Headphones

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Mfg: Gravastar
Price: $140.00
Purchase: Gravastar SIRIUS P5 Headphones
Description: We’ve covered Gravastar here before and for a good reason. They produce quality sound products with style. The Sirius P5 headphones are no exception. The cool thing about these compared to others in the past is they have three interchangeable cases to suit the style of the day. And in true Gravastar form, they also have the necklace attachment so you can keep them around your neck for quick and easy access. The sound on these is great and features onboard touch controls. The headphones themselves will get you about 8 hours of listening time with one charge and up to 4 more charges with the case for over 40 hours of listening time. These are the lightest in weight of Gravastar’s headphones line but carry every bit of the style. -Daks

The Ultimate Reading Challenge

Suggested By: Sophie Brown
Mfg: Weldon Owen
Price: $20.00
Purchase: The Ultimate Reading Challenge
Description: Buying a gift for a bookworm seems like it would be easy but often isn’t because how do you know what books they might be interested in or if they’ve already read them? The Ultimate Reading Challenge is an ideal gift for any bookworm because it offers a range of challenges for them to complete during the new year such as reading a novella, a book about a person with a disability, or a graphic novel. There are even several that don’t include actual reading like listening to a reading-themed podcast and participating in a book club. For every challenge they complete, they get to open a window and receive a small reward including pencils, bookmarks, and notepads, so this really is the bookish gift that will keep on giving all year long. -SB

Stranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book

Suggested By: Z.
Mfg: Insight Editions
Price: $37.50
Purchase: Stranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book
Description: While our official book and media guide has already come and gone, when I came across Stranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, I knew I had to make room for it on this last-minute gift list! Explore three seasons’ worth of gorgeous, intricate pop-ups and fold-outs across five charmingly interactive spreads. Each display’s 360-degree design means there is more to explore from every angle—including iconic images from the D&D game table in the Wheeler family basement to the still unsettling vistas of the Upside-Down to the towering Demogorgon. A perfect pick-up for any Stranger Things fan (and a real eye-opener to those of us who grew up with the comparatively simple pop-up books of the 1970s and ’80s), Stranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book is truly the gift that keeps on giving. -Z. [Review materials provided by Insight Editions]

Disney Munchlings

Suggested By: Sarah Pinault
Mfg: Disney
Price: $34.99
Purchase: Disney Munchlings
Description: It won’t fit in your stocking unless you are Paul Bunyan, but it will fill a last-minute hole in your holiday shopping. This line of stuffies from Disney now reimagines loved characters as holiday baked treats in a scented series from Disney Munchlings. Minnie is 15 3/4” high and smells of candy cane. Stitch is 18” high and smells of pineapple. Mickey is 14 1/2” high and smells of candy cane. Pooh is 18” high and smells of funnel cake. Be warned, if you are prone to midnight munchies, this is not the toy you’re looking for. -Sarah

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