Golf Clubs for Kids: Set your Child up for Success in Golf

Golf is unlike any other sport. Whether you’re five years or 75+ years old, you can tee it up.

If you watched the PNC Father-Son challenge with Tiger Woods and his son Charlie, chances are you want to get your kids into golf as well. Watching those two play together was incredible and I think we’ll see plenty more from Charlie Woods in the future.

If you’re a parent there is one thing you need to do to set your kids up for success. That’s buying the right golf clubs for their game. Because as you know, golf is a wildly hard sport and if you’re playing the wrong clubs, things don’t get any easier.

To give your kids the best experience, find clubs that are suited for junior golfers. They are shorter, lighter, and easier to hit than an average adult men or women golf club. 

In the past, this wasn’t so easy and why so many golfers simply cut down old clubs for their kids. But now that golf keeps growing in popularity, it’s important to buy junior specific clubs.

Otherwise, they’ll try to swing clubs that are way too heavy or stiff for a kid and odds are they won’t play very well. Remember, we want to make golf fun for kids. Therefore, we make it easy with this buying guide to help you (as a parent) to find the right clubs for kids.

How to Pick the Right Kids Clubs (Junior Golf Clubs)

Before diving into the best kids golf clubs, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need to buy kids golf clubs that are suited for the right age and size of your child. As you’ll see in our list of best clubs, there are tons of different sets for all types of kids. 

To make it easier to pick the right club set for your child, use this checklist. Here are some of the biggest factors to think about when buying junior golf clubs for all skill levels.

Number of Clubs

The first thing to think about with kids golf clubs is the number of clubs that you want included in the club set. While 14 clubs is the limit that the USGA allows, very few sets come with this many for juniors as they don’t need them all yet. 

Since most players are just getting started with the game, there might only be 5-10 clubs. As kids get bigger and more advanced, then they can work their way up to a standard 14 club set.

But unless you’re grooming the next Tiger Woods, chances are you’ll be fine with a handful of clubs for now. 

Age & Size 

This is arguably the most important factor when buying a club set. You want to make sure that each set matches the age range, height range and weight of your child. Junior sets always display the height range and skill level for each set so you know before buying. This ensures the proper club length based on height.


Another important thing to remember with kids golf clubs is the putter that comes with each set. While most putters in the past were pretty much only blades, now there is a selection of mallets or high MOI versions as well.

In general, I think a mallet or high MOI style putter is the best choice. These types of putters are easier to hit, more consistent and are extremely forgiving on off center hits. This should help build confidence and self-esteem on the green which always makes golf a little more fun. 

Graphite Shafts

Arguably the biggest difference between normal clubs and kid clubs are the shafts. A graphite shaft is so much lighter than normal in a junior golf club which makes it easier for them to hit. As you’ll see on our kids clubs list, as they get older, club manufacturers make the shafts slightly heavier with less flex to match their growth. 

Bag and Accessories 

Finally, don’t forget to make sure that each set has a good bag (carrying system) and/or accessories. For a bag, you want to make sure that it’s lightweight more than anything else. The last thing you want is your junior golfer hating the game because the bag weighs a ton.

The second thing you want to think about is the bag’s storage and protection. You want to make sure it’s lightweight but also provides plenty of protection for the club set as well. 

Finally, look for accessories that are included. Some sets might include more headcovers for fairway woods or hybrids than others. While some might include a towel, golf hat, ball marker, or other golf accessories for beginner golfers. We’ve also included our recommendations for the most popular accessories for children as well.


Lastly, of course you want to think about the price for each set of junior golf clubs. Luckily, the beginner and intermediate sets are very cheap (around $100 to $150). The advanced sets and ones that are closer to a full set of golf clubs tend to cost more but they also get more clubs and technology as well.

Best Clubs For Kids – Beginners 

Let’s start this list with clubs that are great for beginner junior golfers. These sets are usually best for kids 3-7 or 8 years old and just starting out in golf.

Here are our top picks for junior players: 

1. Golf Girl Junior Girls Golf Set V3  

The Golf Girl Junior Girls set is an all pink set that is great for golfers from 4-7 years old. This kids golf club set has everything you need to help your daughter get started golfing. Plus, they have sets for both right and left handed players. 

Golf Girl Junior Girls Golf Set V3 with Pink Clubs and Bag, Ages 8-12 (4' 6' - 5'11' Tall), Right Hand

Each junior set comes with:

  • 15 degree pink clubhead driver that is oversized with a large sweet spot. Also comes with a matching pink and black head cover. 
  • Cavity back 7 & 9 irons with matching pink shafts.
  • Mallet putters with high MOI to help with consistency on the putting surface.
  • Pink stand bag with four-way divider to keep everything organized. Plus, a matching rain hood and dual strap carry bag that is lightweight and easy to carry. 

Click here to learn more about the Golf Girl Junior Golf clubs.

2. Confidence Golf Junior Clubs

Confidence Golf is also a highly reviewed set of junior clubs that are great for 4-7 year olds (or up to 4’6” tall). The set has a great look with their blue, white, and black color theme that your children will love.

Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids Age 4-7 (up to 4' 6' Tall)

Here’s what included in the full club set:

  • 15 degree driver. This club is oversized with a light junior flex graphite shaft (total length is 36 inches)
  • 7 & 9 irons cavity back design. 
  • Unique mallet putter style. This high MOI putter is very forgiving and has alignment aids as well. 
  • Dual shoulder strap golf bag with automatic stand. Plus, a matching rain hood, four way top divider, and four pockets for extra storage. 

Click here to pick up the Confidence Golf junior clubs for your child.

3. Wilson Junior Deep Red Tour Golf Clubs

Next up is the Wilson Junior “Deep Red Tour” clubs which is geared toward 5-8 year olds.

Wilson Youth Deep Red Tour Complete Golf Set -Right Hand, Small, Green

This club set comes with:

  • A driver, two irons, and a blade style putter.
  • Deep undercut stainless steel cavity back irons. 
  • Premium golf bag in green, gray, and white colors. Dual shoulder strap, large top handle, and self activating stand. 

Click here to learn more about the Wilson Deep Red junior clubs.

4. PreciseGolf Co. X7 Complete Set

This is another great set of clubs for ages 3-5 and have been promoting golf since 1987. These clubs are a high quality set made for golfers between 3’0 to 3’8” inches.

Distinctive Right Handed Junior Golf Club Set for Age 3 to 5 (Height 3' to 3'8') Set Includes: Driver (15'), Hybrid Wood (22, 7 Iron, Putter, Bonus Stand Bag & 2 Headcovers

With this club set, you get:

  • Driver, 25 degree hybrid, 6/7 irons and a putter. 
  • Four golf clubs and stand bag (not just a carrying case). 

Plus, you also get two matching head covers and rain hood as well. Not to mention a great matching stand bag as well. Click here to learn more about the X7 Complete Golf Set.

5. Aspire Junior Plus Golf Clubs

The final junior golf club set is for children who are 3-4 years old. Aspire makes tons of great golf clubs for all types of juniors and are raved about online. These junior sets look great with it’s black, blue, and white design. 

Aspire Golf Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids - 5 Age Groups Boys & Girls - Right Hand (Blue Ages 3-4)

Here’s what’s included in this child set:

  • 16 degree driver. This is their lightest driver out of any set to help promote distance and speed. Matching “Aspire” headover included. 
  • 7 iron and P wedge. Both made with super lightweight graphite shafts and forgiving clubheads.
  • Mallet style forgiving putter with blue face insert.
  • Lightweight stand bag with dual straps and easy to lift handles as well. 

Click here to learn more about the Aspire Junior Plus clubs.

Or, you can opt for the orange set which is made for 5-6 year old children. This set is slightly heavier but still offers the same clubs, stand bag, and headcover just in orange, not blue. 

Best Golf Club Sets For Kids – Intermediate  

Next up on our list of best golf club sets is the intermediate section. These clubs are normally designed for children between the ages of 7-11 years old. 

With these intermediate sets, you tend to get more golf clubs and accessories. Here are the top picks that made our list: 

1. Wilson JGI Junior Set 

While the beginner set is great, they also have an intermediate set for slightly older and bigger golfers as well. These feature even more game improvement technology to help each child hit it further easier. Plus, more clubs to avoid huge distance gaps too. 

Wilson Youth Profile JGI Complete Golf Set - Right Hand, Medium, Purple

Here’s what’s included in these junior golf club sets:

  • Forgiving driver with weight positioned low to promote high launch off the tee.
  • Easy to launch hybrid that can be hit off a tee, in the fairway, or in the rough.  
  • Easy to hit irons with large cavity backs.
  • Blade putter with built in alignment tool. 
  • Two color choices: Black and purple or black and yellow. Both come with a matching stand bag and two matching headcovers. 

Click here to learn more about the Wilson JGI junior clubs.

2. Aspire Junior Plus Golf Clubs 

Aspire spaces their clubs out every two years (3-4, 5-6, etc.) and this set is geared toward ages 9-10 years old. This intermediate golfer set has a few more perks over the beginner ones. 

Aspire Golf Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids - 5 Age Groups Boys & Girls - Right Hand (Blue Ages 9-10)

Here’s what’s included in this set:

  • 16 degree offset driver. Also comes with an arrow to represent where to line the ball up to the clubface
  • Hybrid club with the same arrow for proper alignment and visual training aid.
  • 7 iron and P wedge. Both irons have lightweight graphite shafts and forgiving club heads with large sweet spots. 
  • Mallet style forgiving putter with black face insert.
  • Lightweight matching stand bag with dual straps, extra external pockets, and automatic stand for easy outdoor exercise. 

Click here to pick up the Aspire Junior Plus for your 9-10 year old.

They also make a pink set as well. They have all the same technology, clubs, and accessories but everything is white, pink, gray, and black. These are a great looking set!  

3. Ram Golf Junior G-Force Boys Golf Clubs 

The Ram G-Force golf clubs are great for intermediate junior golfers as they have an option for 7-9 or 10-12 years old. For the 7-9 year set the recommended height is 3ft 8in to 4ft 5in and for 10-12 years the recommended height is 4ft 6in to 5ft 3 in.

Ram Golf Junior G-Force Boys Golf Clubs Set with Bag Age 7-9

Both sets offer six clubs total. These are highly reviewed junior clubs and have tons of technology that make them incredibly easy to hit. 

Here’s what included with this set:

  • 14 degree driver lightweight shaft and watching headcover.
  • 21 degree hybrid that is easy to hit off the tee or off the deck. 
  • 7 and 9 iron (no pitching wedge).
  • 56 degree S wedge with steel shaft. 
  • G-Force blade putter with face insert and alignment aid. 
  • Navy blue, white, and black color scheme. 

Click here to learn more about the RAM golf clubs for juniors.

4. Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set 

Powerbilt makes one of the best set of golf clubs for kids and is great for ages 9-12. This is lower investment than others and great for someone who didn’t start too early but ready to give them a shot at around 10 years old.

Powerbilt Junior Kids Boy's Ages 9-12 Golf Club Set, Right Hand, Silver

Here is what’s included in this junior golf clubs:

  • Driver and 5 wood.
  • 7 iron and pitching wedge. 
  • Precision balanced one ball putter.
  • Easy to carry lightweight stand bag.

These are available in both right and left hand models. Click here to learn more about the Powerbilt Junior Clubs. 

5. Top Flite Junior Boys Complete Set 

Rounding out our list for the intermediate age junior golfers is the five club set from Top Flite. While the Powerbilt are a good choice, these are more of an upgraded model and warrant the slightly higher cost. 

Top Flite Junior Boys Complete Golf Club Set Ages 9-12 or 53' & up Kids Set (Right)

These clubs are engineered for golfers 9-15 or 53” and above. Here’s what’s included in this junior club set:

  • Aerodynamic hybrid and driver with low CG for extra distance and launch (with headcovers). 
  • Wide sole, large cavity back irons (7 iron, 9 iron, and sand wedge) with perimeter weighting.
  • Large mallet putter and matching grey, black, neon green stand bag. 

Click here to learn more about the Top Flite Junior Boys clubs. 

Best Kids Golf Clubs – Advanced

The final selection of clubs are for the most advanced junior golfers. These sets come with the most clubs compared to the beginner or intermediate sets and will allow your child to grow into them. These advanced sets are usually best for ages 11-15. 

1. Wilson Juniors SGI Complete Golf Set  

As you can tell from this list, Wilson made it a number of times thanks to their array of products. This SGI junior set is great for golfers 11-15 years old and comes with a total of 10 clubs.

Wilson Teen Profile SGI Complete Golf Set - Teen, Right Hand, Black/Yellow

Here’s what is included in these junior golf club sets:

  • 10.5 degree driver and two fairway woods.
  • 5 irons including a P wedge and sand wedge.  
  • Blade style putter.
  • Matching yellow-black golf stand bag with stand and dual strap system. 

Overall, this is a solid set of clubs that gives juniors everything they need to succeed. Pick up a set for your golfer today.

2. DROC Diamond Series (13 Pieces) 

Making a splash in the golf club market for advanced junior golfers is the DROC Diamond series. This 13-piece set has everything a junior needs to tackle a full size golf course. 

DROC - Dimond Series Right Hand 13 Pcs Golf Clubs Set Age 9-12 and 11-14 (Age 9-12)

Here’s what’s included in this set:

  • 460CC Titanium driver (10.5 degrees). 
  • 2 stainless steel fairway woods and one hybrid. 
  • 6 irons, 2 wedges, and unique high MOI putter. 
  • All clubs come with orange, lightweight shafts. 

The only downside here is that no bag is included with the set but you could look at these golf bags. Click here to learn more about the DROC Diamond series. 

3. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set 

While big name brands don’t make a ton of junior clubs, there are a few. The Callaway Golf XJ junior set is great for advanced and older juniors. But they also have level 1 and level 2 (basically beginner and intermediate sets as well).

Callaway Golf Xj Junior Golf Set, Level 2, 6 Piece Set, Right Hand, Blue

Here’s what is included in the level 3, 7-piece set of Callaway junior clubs:

  • Driver, fairway wood, and hybrid.
  • 7 iron, 9 iron, sand wedge, and putter.
  • Designed for distance and forgiveness above all else. These clubs are ultra light and great for beginners. 

Level three sets of Callaway clubs are for 54-61 inches. They’re available in right or left hand and do include a matching royal blue stand bag as well. Click here to learn more about them today. 

4. TaylorMade Rory Junior Golf Set

Another top brand in golf to offer junior clubs is Taylormade with the “Rory Junior Set.” If your kid loves watching Rory McIlroy tee it up on TV, I’m sure he or she will love these clubs. The six piece set is available for boys and girls in both right and left hand options.

TaylorMade Rory Junior Golf Set K40 (6 PC Set, Right Hand, Regular Flex)

Here is what else is included in this junior golf set:

  • Ergonomic lightweight stand bag.
  • 400 CC titanium driver with St. Bernard headcover. 
  • Easy to hit, high launching fairway wood and rescue club.
  • Perimeter weighted irons that are extremely forgiving and easy to hit. 
  • Custom, center shaft putter that makes alignment incredibly easy.

When looking at tons of clubs for this post, I’d argue this one has the most customizations. From the St. Bernard headcover, the center shaft putter, and the “Rory” stamp on each golf club. Click here to order the Rory Junior set today. 

5. Robin Golf Essentials Junior Golf Clubs

The final set for our post of best golf clubs for kids is the Robin Golf Essentials set. They have two different sets; one for ages 6-8 and one for ages 9-12 years old. The 6-8 age is recommended for 40-70 pound weight and the 9-12 is between 70-100 pounds.

Robin Golf The Essentials Junior Set - Complete Golf Clubs for Kids, Matte Black

Here’s what is included in the 7-piece set: 

  • Driver, fairway wood, and hybrid.
  • Two irons and a sand wedge (all black design).
  • Sleek blade style putter. 

These are not your average junior clubs and bring tons of technology to make it easier for younger players. They are a very sleek design from driver to putter and have plenty of forgiveness with every club. 

Overall, this set is great looking and I love the all black design. Plus, the bag is more of a “Sunday” bag style and should be very easy for junior golfers to carry. Click here to learn more about the Robin junior clubs.

Best Golf Clubs for Kids

Bonus: Best Clubs for Toddlers 

Let’s not leave out toddlers from our list as well. Since most toddlers aren’t swinging normal clubs like Tiger Woods did on Johnny Carson’s show, you need to adjust. Most kids that are super young will benefit from a toy set that is lightweight and makes golf more fun than anything else. 

Here are some of our top picks on golf clubs for toddlers:

heytech Kids Toy Golf Club Set

The Heytech Kids golf clubs are made with study plastic materials and are great for young children. These clubs are designed from preschoolers to help get them acquainted with the game (aka don’t use them at the range). 

heytech Kid's Toy Golf Clubs Set Deluxe Outdoor Golf Toy Set Toddler, Children, Preschool Kids Early Educational Toy, Gift for Girls, Boys, Toddlers, Kids

The set comes with three clubs (putter, wedge, and driver), plus tons of accessories. Some of them include two golf tees, two holes, and a cool bag to carry everything. Recommended for ages three to six. 

The one downside to these clubs is that they are only available for right handed golfers.

Meland Kids Golf Club Set For Toddlers

For even younger kids, the Meland Kids Golf set is great for the little ones. You get a kid-friendly golf cart with two wheels, four colorful plastic clubs, 8 balls, and two holes with bases.

Meland Kids Golf Club Set - Toddler Golf Ball Game Play Set Sports Toys Gift for Boys Girls 3 4 5 6 Year Old

This is a great way to get kids into the game at a young age and can be used inside or outside. It will also help develop motor coordination, promote exercise, and get them familiar with golf.

Junior Golf Club Accessories

While all these sets are great for your junior golfer, don’t forget about other accessories they might need as well. 

Indoor Putting Greens

Having a putting green inside or outside is a great way to get your children around the game more often. Plus, you can benefit from an indoor putting green as well.

Whether you want a simple, old school style with automatic ball return or a larger, new style there are plenty of options. Click here to read our full post of the best indoor putting greens.


Gloves are another important accessory to make sure juniors don’t get blisters from their grip. While most grips are padded and not a cord style grip, a glove can still help (especially in tough weather conditions). 

FootJoy Junior Golf Glove, White Medium, Worn on Left Hand

Here are a few different options:

  • FootJoy Junior Golf Glove: This white golf glove is a smaller version of their wildly popular gloves that are used by players worldwide. These gloves are great because they have extra stretch for growing hands. Plus, they are available in right and left hand options. Available in small, medium, medium/large, and large.
  • Under Armour Boys CoolSwitch Golf Gloves: These junior golf gloves will make your kid feel like Jordan Speith and are made with extremely high quality material. Plus, they’re available in three different color options and multiple sizes.
  • Finger Ten Junior Golf Gloves: Here’s a glove that has what most don’t – a ton of color! Young golfers can pick from blue, white, red, or yellow. And the bets part? Each pack comes with two gloves! Not to mention they have tons of sizes for juniors from 2-10 years old.
  • Craftsman Golf Microber Junior Gloves: These gloves are incredibly durable and tear resistant. Each pair comes with a set (both right and left hands) and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Balls for Junior Golfer 

Another way to make the game more enjoyable is to have juniors play the right golf ball. Plus, you want to buy ones that aren’t expensive as they’ll be learning the game and bound to lose some. 

Long Distance Golf Balls (12PK) All Levels-Nitro Maximum Distance Titanium Core 85 Compression High Velocity Spin Control Long Distance Golf Balls USGA Approved-Total of 12-Hot Pink

Here are our top picks for balls for juniors: 

  • Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball: These are very cheap in price and help provide maximum distance for any player. They also come in five different colors including pink and yellow, making them easy to spot as well.
  • Nitro Glycerin: Another great option from Nitro is their Glycerin series. These come in multi-color, 15 pack of balls for an incredible price. These balls look more like a bag of skittles and sure to make your favorite junior golfer happy.
  • Wilson Staff F.L.I.: Wilson doesn’t only just make great golf clubs but they offer plenty of balls as well. These value golf balls are extremely low cost and have a resilient cover to last longer. Plus, they make it easy for golfers with slower swing speeds to still get plenty of distance.
  • PrideSports Practice Balls: Finally, don’t forget practice foam balls as well. These balls are great for indoor practice and won’t break anything in the house. You can also use them outdoors as well. Each set includes a dozen foam balls.

Junior Golf Hats and Visors

Puma Golf 2019 Kid's Utility Patch Hat (One Size), Vibrant Orange

Make sure your junior golfer is prepared for the weather with a hat or visor as well. Here are some of our favorite hats for junior golfers:

  • Puma Golf Kids Utility Patch Hat: This hat will make your golfer look like a young Rickie Fowler. The snapback cap is great for any junior golfer. Plus, they come in five different colors as well.
  • Adidas Kids’ Performance Branded Hat: Another great option is this performance hat from Adidas. It’s 100% polyester and easy to wash if it gets dirty on the course. Plus, it comes in four different colors as well.
  • DECKY Kid’s Visor: If your junior wants a visor instead of a golf hat, they’ll love this one from DECKY’s. There are tons of color choices and have a simple hook and loop closure.

Video Game Launch Monitor 

Finally, if you have a junior who also loves video games, make sure to check out the Phigolf mobile home simulator. This is part video game, part simulator with a swing stick included to mimic a real golf swing (without needing a golf club set).  

Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick - WGT Edition

It’s an immersive golf experience that is fun for the whole family. All you do is connect the app to your TV and play or practice golf. The best part is that you don’t need a huge net or golf balls either. This is perfect for small spaces and a great way to incorporate golf with technology to get kids excited about the game.

Plus, you might get hooked too. When you’re too busy for a full round of golf or don’t want to battle the weather, simply play solo or with others online. 

For more launch monitors, check out this article or check out our review of home golf simulators.

Kid's Golf Clubs

FAQs About Kids Golf Clubs

Do you have more questions about finding the right clubs for kids/junior golfers? If so, hopefully we’ve got an answer for you based on the most common questions.

What size golf clubs should I buy for my son?

As you can tell from the ones that made our list, you want to first start with their age and height. Plus, you also want to factor in how much they are enjoying the game in case you want to splurge for a nicer set. If they’re brand new or haven’t shown a ton of interest yet, you can opt for a set with fewer clubs and accessories. 

What age group are junior golf clubs for?

The age groups vary a lot now as more and more people are getting their kids into golf. As you can see from our list, it’s broken down primarily into three different categories. The beginner sets (for ages 4-8), intermediate sets (8-12), and advanced sets (12+ years old).

But of course, there are exceptions if your junior golfer is bigger or smaller than the normal age. The main thing you want to consider is the weight of the set of clubs. If they’re too heavy or light, it’ll make the game much more difficult (and frustrating too).

How do you choose golf clubs for kids?

You choose clubs based on their age and height. Each set of clubs on this list has an age range and height guideline to make buying an easy decision. 

Should I buy individual clubs or a set of clubs?

When it comes to shopping for your favorite junior golfer, I recommend buying in a set. Since you can’t buy individual junior clubs like you can with adult clubs, it makes everything a lot easier.

Plus, sets of clubs also have everything from woods to a putter and golf bag, so you can buy everything in one purchase. This makes it so much easier for you and it ensures that clubs are specifically made for juniors. 

What clubs are in a junior golf set? 

It depends on the age that you’re looking for. Based on our extensive research, it can range from five clubs all the way up to 10+ clubs including a putter. 

Usually kids from ages 3-8 come with a driver, maybe a hybrid/fairway woods, a few irons, and a putter. Then from 8-12 you get an extra few irons, an extra fairway wood, and/or a sand wedge. Then with ages 12 and up you get even more irons and wedges. 

What height are junior golf clubs for?

Now that more and more young kids are getting involved with golf, there are several sizes. Whether your child is a few years old or nearly a teenager, there is a set for them. When reviewing our favorites from this list, double-check the Amazon listing as it says the ideal age and height for each age group. 

In general though, anyone under five feet or so should play junior golf clubs. They’re lighter, easier to hit, and made for slower swing speeds. 

What are the best golf clubs for a 13 year old? 

For ages 12 and up you want to get one of the advanced sets. At 12-13 years old, junior players won’t benefit from the shorter, lighter clubs in the beginner to intermediate ones listed above. Plus, an advanced set will come with more than a few clubs and usually ones that they can grow into. 

Depending on the size and strength of your junior golfer, you might want to consider a full set of beginner clubs. These are great for beginners and come with everything you need to get started. Most sets have 10-12 clubs, bags, and other accessories like headcovers. Click here to read more about beginner sets of clubs. 

Final Thoughts  

It’s never been a better time to get your kids acquainted with the game of golf. Now that golf is rising more than ever in popularity, it’s time to pick up a set today. 

Remember, when picking up a set of junior golf clubs you always want to:

  • Buy clubs based on their age/height.
  • Don’t just saw down an old golf club.
  • Make sure the bag is light enough to carry or buy a push cart.
  • Invest in other accessories like golf gloves/hats to make sure they enjoy their time on the course. 

While clubs are crucial in getting them excited about the game, my biggest piece of advice is to always make golf fun. If you make it feel like work to them and drag them to the course when they don’t want to, they’ll likely stop going. Instead, make it fun by not always keeping score, practicing fun shots on the range, and just focusing on having a good time.  

As they get more and more interested in the game, make sure their clubs match their interest and age/height. Otherwise, playing the wrong clubs will make the game more challenging and likely, not as much fun. 

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