How do I use existing cat5e wiring to distribute internet in my house?


My current setup is I have a single router/modem combo in my living room connected through DSL. Internet is distributed through the house via WiFi.

The upstairs rooms have all been run with Cat5e cable from the cable box and terminated with 6pin connectors. Important to note that even though all the rooms have been run with Cat5e cables, I can only plug the modem/router into one of them to get internet. So something is already wrong.

upstairs connectorback of upstairs connector

Ive recently finished my basement and had the contractors run Cat5e cables from the new rooms to the current box in my utility room.

basement connector

I would like to have each room to have 8 pin (RJ45?) connectors with internet. I would also like to have the router and modem in the utility room (unless convinced otherwise). The utility room is pretty centrally located in my house.

I am also hoping to be able to identify and name some of the things in the cable box to help me better understand what is happening.


In the first picture, what is the white board(labelled A) called?

How do I trace cables?

Why do I have 7 cables going into the board if I only have 3 outlets upstairs?

Is there a reason other than material availability for why some of the cables are yellow and some are blue?

Can I just swap out the upstairs 6pin connectors with 8pin RJ45 connectors?

How do I hook everything up and distribute internet throughout the house?

cable box unterminated cables 1,2, and 3 are the cables run from the basement. 4 was existing and just tucked behind the cable box.

Thank you. Feel free to point me towards any helpful resources as well.

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