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Milwaukee has just aired their 3rd Pipeline 2020 episode, showcasing more of their new tools and accessories. Without further adieu, let’s check out the new gear:

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Band Saw

Milwaukee is finally coming out with a new M12 Fuel brushless cordless band saw, featuring 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ cutting capacity and one-handed operation!

Milwaukee knows that many of you have been asking for this, and have finally delivered.

Milwaukee says that it offers a larger cutting capacity than their existing M12 sub-compact cordless band saw.

It’s said to feature improved performance, a lightweight design, one-handed capability, and increased capacity, and is designed to enhance overall productivity while lowering user fatigue. The new brushless band saw weighs 6 lbs, which Milwaukee says makes this the lightest compact band saw on the market.

Pricing: $299 for the kit (2529-21XC), $229.00 for the bare tool (2529-20)
ETA: January 2021

Milwaukee M18 Top-Off Power Supply

We have an entire post devoted to the Top-Off, and so we won’t repeat any of that in this post.

Read More About the Milwaukee M18 Top-Off Here!

Price: $99 for the bare tool (2846-20)
ETA: November 2020

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 14″ Abrasive Cut-Off Saw

Milwaukee briefly showed off their new M18 Fuel cordless 14″ abrasive chop-saw.

The new saw is said to generate the same power as a 15A corded chop saw.

4000 RPM
Up to 200 cuts per charge in 3-5/8″ 20-gauge steel stud w/ 12Ah battery
Rapid Stop blade brake stops blade within 2 seconds of trigger release
Tool-free blade change and fence adjustments
Overload indicator light

Would you use a cordless 14″ chop saw? Yes or no, it’s great to finally have more corded vs. cordless options.

Price: $399 for the bare tool (2990-20)
ETA: 2021

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee is launching a new M18 Fuel Sawzall, 2821, and this will be replacing their current model (2720).

The new Milwaukee Sawzall features a brushless motor, and is said to be the fastest reciprocating saw in its class.

Most notably, the newest Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall was built from the ground up with key durability improvements.

Improvements include upgrades to the slider crank mechanism, and wear and corrosion improvements, such as:

Anti-corrosion blade clamp
A more wear-resistant blade change lever
Metal-reinforced battery connection for better durability and battery retention

Basically, they made an excellent and highly-regarded reciprocating saw even better.

Features & Specs

3000 SPM
1-1/4″ stroke length
Adjustable Shoe
Anti-Corrosion Blade Clamp
Rafter Hook
LED light
Weighs 8.4 lbs w/ battery (5Ah)
Weighs 6.8 lbs as bare tool
5-year warranty

Price: $199 for the bare tool (2821-20) $319 for the 1-battery kit (2821-21), $419 for the 2-battery kit (2821-22)
ETA: November 2020

The kits come with 5Ah batteries.

Also Coming Soon: Sawzall with One-Key

Price: $259 for the bare tool, (2822-20) $469 for the kit (2822-22)
ETA: January 2021

Milwaukee 7-in-1 High Leverage Electrical

Milwaukee is also coming out with new 7-in-1 multi-functional high leverage electrical pliers, 48-22-3078.

The new electrical pliers features:

Wide jaws for twisting wire
Crimper for working with insulated and non-insulated terminals
Wire cutter
Wire stripping notches
Loop for quick wire bending
Built-in conduit reamer (1/2″ thru 1″)
Bolt cutter for #6 and #8 machine screws
Swing-lock design for fast one-handed operation
High leverage handles for easier cutting and crimping

Here are the differences compared to Milwaukee’s existing 6-in-1 electrical pliers:

Wide jaws for easily grabbing and twisting wire
On-board crimper
High-leverage handles

Basically, they took their popular multi-functional electrical pliers, and made them even more functional and user-friendly.

Price: $30
ETA: November 2020

Milwaukee M12 Fuel PEX Expander w/ Rapid Seal

Milwaukee is introducing a new M12 Fuel ProPEX Expander, which they say unlocks a breakthrough in productivity for plumbing installers, delivering the fastest 3/8″ – 1″ expansions.

The new ProPEX expander features an auto-rotating head, and is said to provide uniform expansions for the most consistent PEX installations.

Milwaukee says installers can expect to experience up to 65% faster connection sealing as temperatures decrease, reducing the time before pressure testing.

Price: $430 for the bare too (2532-20), $550 for the kit (2532-22)
ETA: December 2020

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Press Tool w/ One-Key

Milwaukee is also introducing a new One-Key Force Logic Tool, which they say is the industry’s first press tool with remote tracking, management, and lockout, and that it is also the smallest, most intelligent press too on the market.

Milwaukee says the new press tool is significantly smaller and nearly 20% lighter than the leading competitor.

Price: $2,549 for the bare too (2922-20),  $3,549 for the kit (2922-22)
ETA: December 2020

New Milwaukee Drill Bits for Glass, Tile, Stone, Masonry, More

Milwaukee has a range of new new drill bits out now.

Shockwave Carbide Hammer Drill Bits
Shockwave Carbide Multi-Material Drill Bits
Tile and Stone Drill Bits
Glass and Tile Drill Bits

Milwaukee Lineman’s Compact Aerial Tool Apron

Milwaukee, in their continued effort to meet the needs of utility professionals, has come out with a lineman’s compact aerial tool apron, 48-22-8291, intended for bucket trucks.

The tool caddy is made from vinyl that’s built to be durable as well as UV and weather resistant. It has 18 storage pockets to hold a variety of hand tools and common accessories.

A reinforced auger drill bit holder has been specially made to prevent burn-through when used with hot drill bits.

Price: $170
ETA: November 2020

Milwaukee Canvas Utility Bucket

Utility workers might also be interested in the new Milwaukee canvas utility bucket, 48-22-8271. It features a large swiveling carabiner clip for easy attachment, and an impact-resistant base for durability. The utility bucket is rated to hold up to 75 pounds of gear, and has built-in weep holes for water drainage, plus a reinforced ring opening to keep the bag open and your tools accessible.

Price: $50
ETA: November 2020

Milwaukee Utility Bucket Hooks

Lastly, Milwaukee has also come out with new bucket hooks, designed for 2″ or 3″ utility truck buckets.

They’re made from impact-resistant polymers that also resist cracking and chipping. They’re compatible with the eyelets found on standard tool apron and bag aprons.

Each has a 100 lb load rating, and they’re sold individually.

Price: $9 for 2″ (48-22-8292) , $11 for 3″ (48-22-8293)
ETA: November 2020

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 6T Utility Crimper

Milwaukee’s new M18 Force Logic crimper is said to be the fastest and most versatile crimper for linemen. It features a slim grip, enlarged trigger, and is designed for use with Class 3 gloves.

6 Tons Output Force
19.9″ Length (Tool, Jaw & Battery)
5.1″ Height (Tool, Jaw & Battery)
Weighs 7.5 lbs (Tool, Jaw & Battery)
340° Head Rotation
Full Pressure Indicator
PFM Adaptive Pressure Control
ONE KEY Enabled

Price: $1656 (2978)
ETA: November 2020

Milwaukee Shockwave Lineman’s Fiberglass Drill Bits

Wrapping up, there will be new Shockwave drill bits that were designed solely for linemen and for drilling into fiberglass and composite power utility arms and poles.

The new drill bits feature a carbide tip, and Milwaukee emphasizes that they can drill through power utility poles and arms in a single pass, eliminating the need to flip the poles and drill holes from opposite sides.

ETA: February 2021

Where to Buy?

These tool retailers have set up Pipeline landing pages where you can view the new Milwaukee tools. Some tools won’t be immediately available for preordering.

Buy Now via Acme Tools
Buy Now via CPO Tools
Buy Now via Tool Nut

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