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No ratings yet $12.98 View Product 2 FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife - Heavy Duty Box Cutter with Holster, Quick Change Blades, Lock-Back... No ratings yet $13.99 View Product 3 REXBETI 12-Pack Utility Knife, Retractable Box Cutter for Cartons, Cardboard and Boxes, 18mm Wider... No ratings yet $19.99 $12.88 View Product 4 Darice Retractable Razor Knife Set, 3 Knives, Assorted Sizes and Colors - Craft Knife Set for... No ratings yet $5.00 View Product 5 CRAFTSMAN Utility Knife, Retractable Blade, 2-Pack (CMHT10382) No ratings yet $8.98 View Product 6 COSCO 091508 Easycut Cutter Knife w/Self-Retracting Safety-Tipped Blade, Black/Blue No ratings yet $15.49 $6.99 View Product 7 Handy Box Cutter, Tap Open/Tap Close, 12 per Box, Assorted No ratings yet $15.04 $9.54 View Product 8 COSCO 091524 Box Cutter Knife w/Shielded Blade, Black/Blue No ratings yet $13.99 $9.96 View Product 9 Box Cutter Utility Knife - All Purpose, Retractable Multi-Position Blade, Lock-Back for Safety 5... No ratings yet $17.95 $13.97 View Product 10 Lnchett Box Cutter, 12 Piece Retractable Cardboard Cutter for Packages, Boxes and Paper 52 Reviews $13.99 View Product
A box cutter is a razor knife or utility knife that you can use for a range of industries. It has a retractable blade that snaps off and can come with replacement blades for you to swap out fast. These knives are convenient for cutting materials, DIY, arts, and crafts, and even cutting hides and cleaning fish. Their versatility knows no bounds.

But how well they do those tasks can depend on the model and brand you buy. That’s why it’s crucial to look at all the options before you decide. Read on to see what some of the best box cutters for sale are, and considerations for how to make the best purchasing decision.

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1. Cosco Cutter Knife with Self Retracting Safety
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If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a box cutter, but you want it to get the job done, then this option from Cosco might suit your needs. While the blade doesn’t extend the entire way, and some people say it feels flimsy, it’s not hard to see that it’s worth its price tag.

It’s competitively priced, available in two models, and boasts a striking black and blue color scheme. It also has a self-retracting safety-tipped blade, which is sure to offer peace of mind. Users also enjoy the included depth guide and spare blade holder, not to mention how comfortable it is to use. This cost-effective utility knife might be right for you.
Product Features Two model options Self-retracting blade Safety-tipped blade Black and blue color scheme Spare blade holder Depth guide Plastic construction Pros Comfortable to use There’s a place to put spare blades Competitive price tag Attractive color scheme Choose a model to suit Safety features Cons The blade doesn’t extend the whole way It feels flimsy 2. Sheffield One-Hand Opening Utility Knife
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If you don’t mind paying a bit more for a box cutter, as long as it meets the mark for quality and function, then this one from Sheffield could be the answer. It’s available in eight colors and comes with a pocket clip, blade, and quick-change blade mechanism. For many, that’s enough to clinch the deal.

While this knife is expensive, many will say it’s worth every penny. It has an aluminum texture handle for grip, is easy to store, and you can open and close it with one hand. It’s comfortable to use, lightweight, and is six inches long to be handled effortlessly. Many won’t mind paying a bit more for this knife.
Product Features Eight color options Quick-change blade mechanism Aluminum texture handle One blade included Pocket clip  Six-inch length Four-ounce weight  One-hand open style Pros You only need one hand to open it Easy-to-hold grip Generous handle length Plenty of color options  It’s lightweight You can clip it on your pocket Cons Expensive to buy 3. Twinrun Box Cutter with Locking Saddle
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Even though this box cutter three-pack from Twinrun doesn’t feel like the most durable option on the market, there are still plenty of reasons why you might like to buy them. From the high-grade metal handle and multi-material compatibility to the carbon steel blade and three knives in a set, what’s not to love?

The competitive price tag is also bound to pique your curiosity, as will the three-position blade. As a result, you can extend the knife to one of three points, then cut a wide variety of materials. Get cutting underway sooner rather than later with this box cutter from Twinrun.
Product Features High-grade metal handle construction Three-pack Yellow, red, and black color schemes Three-position blade extensive Multi-material use Carbon steel blade Pros You get three in a pack It’s comfortable to use Suitable for a range of materials Three different colors in a pack You can extend the blade out to the level you need Cons They don’t feel durable 4. Tape King Heavy Duty Utility Knife Box Cutters
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Buying a single box cutter is not always the most economical option, but buying them in bulk could be. This 12-pack of box cutters from Tape King might be how to save yourself some money. 

The blades aren’t overly sharp, and the base can come off quickly, but these knives are suitable for a range of tasks. Use them in arts and crafts or DIY, and revel in both their convenience and competitive pricing.

They come with a retractable 0.71-inch blade and are fitted with a safety lock, too. The knives also have a vibrant yellow and black color scheme to stand out from the crowd. Buying in bulk could be the right move for you.
Product Features 12-pack Retractable blade  0.71-inch blade width Multi-material use Yellow and black color scheme Safety lock Pros Plenty of knives in a box Ideal for a range of materials  Easy to snap-off blades Comfortable to hold Competitive price tag  Extra-wide blade Cons The base comes off easily  The blades aren’t overly sharp 5. Excel Blades Metal Box Cutter Knife
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A box cutter can be a convenient addition to any industry. Still, if you want reliability, this one is a good option for you. From the robust metal body and retractable blade mount to the adjustable depth and included three deep hook blades, what’s not to love?

It’s comfortable to use, reasonably heavy-duty, and is compatible with 2, 3, and 4-notch blades for convenience. Use what you already have, and spend very little in the process. You can also use this box cutter for a variety of tasks in several industries. Check it out for yourself and see if it meets the mark.
Product Features Metal body Adjustable depth  Retractable blade mount 2, 3, and 4-notch blade compatibility Three #92 deep hook blades included Pros It comes with spare blades Robust metal body Competitive price tag  Comfortable to use Smooth retraction process  Suitable for a variety of materials Cons The handle can feel a little loose sometimes 6. Scotch 3M Utility Knife
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If you’re tired of having a blunt blade on your box cutter, then it might be time to check out this knife from 3M. Unlike other box cutters for sale that have stainless-steel blades, this one has titanium blades. As a result, it can remain sharp for three times longer than several others.

It also has a click and lock retractable blade, snap-off design, and a non-slip comfort grip for easy use. People also appreciate the wide 0.71-inch blade and angled tip for precision. While there is nowhere to store spare blades, and the handle is quite small, this box cutter from 3M means business.
Product Features Snap-off design Titanium blade construction Click and lock retractable blade Non-slip comfort grip 0.71-inch blade width  Angled tip Pros Blade stays sharper than many others Comfortable to hold Smooth retraction process It’s easy to use Competitive price tag Ideal for a range of materials Cons No space for spare blades  The handle is small 7. Slice Box Cutter with Ceramic Blade
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What will first grab your attention when you see this box cutter is its design. Unlike most box cutters that feature a long, thin handle, this box cutter is all about being different. It’s in a curved shape for comfort and has a ceramic blade rather than titanium or stainless steel. Ceramic blades are known to last longer, not rust, and offer all manner of benefits to the user.

You can also buy this box cutter as a single knife or in a pack of six, and one of two color options. It has a three-position blade, manual button, and rounded tip with half-inch protrusion. You barely have to have any part of the blade showing to make it work. When you change the blade, you also don’t require any tools. 

This unique box cutter may not meet the mark for being ordinary. Still, it’s undoubtedly going to pique your curiosity enough to give it a try.
Product Features Pack of 1 or 6  Two color options Three-position blade Manual button Ceramic blade Rounded tip ½-inch protrusion  Multi-material use  No-tool blade change Pros Contemporary design You can choose a quantity and color It never rusts  The blades stay sharp for a long time You can cut many different materials  It’s comfortable to hold Cons Expensive price tag 8. UCEC Retractable Cardboard Box Cutter
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If you’re working on arts and crafts projects, then this box cutter set of six from UCEC might just tick all the boxes. Use it for thin, delicate materials, and enjoy its precision, comfort, and convenient blades.

It has a ruler along the side to help with measuring, and it allows you to manually retract the blade seamlessly. People also like that it has an automatic-reload blade and that it’s within a robust metal frame. 

While it doesn’t cut thick materials well, it’s still suitable for a variety of thin materials. Check it out for your next project, for this six-pack of box cutters is bound to suit.
Product Features Six-piece set  Manual retraction Automatic-reload blade  Metal frame  Multi-material use Pros The blade retracts easily Competitive price tag You get six in a pack Unique design Comfortable to use It has a measuring component on the side  Easy to replace blades Cons It doesn’t cut thick materials well 9. Workpro Utility Knife Box Cutter
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It can take a while to replace blades in this box cutter, and it’s a little pricy, but that’s where you’re bound to see the end of the negative points. From the comfort and convenience to the quality and style, this box cutter means business.

It has a quick-change blade mechanism, blade storage compartment for convenience, and a robust zinc alloy handle. You can also adjust the blade to one of four positions, whereas most other box cutters for sale have three.

Make use of the stripping notch for twine and the lanyard for hanging it around your neck. The ergonomic handle for comfort is a nice touch, too. This box cutter may not be the most affordable or most straightforward to use, but it certainly meets the mark in other ways.
Product Features Quick-change blade mechanism Blade storage compartment Zinc alloy handle 15 blades included  Four-position manual retraction Retraction button Ergonomic handle  Stripping notch Pros It’s comfortable to use Comes with plenty of spare blades Easy to retract the blades You can store the blades in the knife It has a lanyard loop for putting on your person Suitable for commercial use Cons Expensive to buy Challenging blade removal process 10. Spifflyer Utility Knife
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When you find yourself in need of an easy-to-use and comfortable box cutter, then let it be this one from Spifflyer. Even though you need to use the included mini screwdriver to change out the blades, the process is easy enough to do in seconds.

This box cutter comes with a 10-pack of blades and has a robust metal handle for peace of mind. It’s also lightweight, boasts a self-retracting feature, and will be ideal for a range of industries. Let the comfort and convenience speak for itself.
Product Features 10-pack of blades  Metal construction Self-retracting feature 0.18-pound weight Mini screwdriver included Pros Comfortable to use Comes with extra blades Seamless retraction process  It’s lightweight The shell is a durable metal construction Competitive price tag Cons You need to change out blades with a screwdriver Considerations for Purchasing a Box Cutter 
Given that a box cutter is not the most expensive thing you will ever buy, you may not think it’s something that requires homework. But how much is your convenience worth to you? Wouldn’t you prefer to buy the best box cutter the first time, rather than on the second or third go? 

Because there are thousands of options on the market, it’s worth doing some research to determine what you need and what product can meet those needs. Therefore, it’s worth factoring in the following points before you buy a new box cutter. 
The Price Tag 
In most cases, the price tag of a box cutter can determine the quality of it. The lower the cost, the more “single-use” the knife becomes. Think about how often you will need to use the knife. The flimsier they are, the less likely they are to last the distance. 

Therefore, when you’re setting your budget, don’t be afraid to fix it a bit higher than you think you might need to. Sure, some of the lower-priced box cutters are worth every penny, but some of the higher-priced ones are, as well. While not strictly true in all cases, the price is reflective of the quality. 
The Quantity 
How many people in your workplace or home need to use box cutters? How often do you need to use them? The number of box cutters you buy can make a difference in your purchasing decision. Look for manufacturers who will sell them in bulk to get a better unit rate. 

At the same time, be wary of “too good to be true” bulk packs where the box cutters may not be of the best quality.

When you find one you like the look of, divide the price tag of the knives and shipping by the number of box cutters in the box. You can then determine whether you’re getting a good deal or not. 
The Use
Not every box cutter you set your sights on is going to be suitable for your industry. That’s why it’s so important to factor its use into the decision-making process. 

Will you be using it for cutting packing tape and plastic strapping? What about cardboard and plastic? Or, are you in the building industry and need a sharp box cutter for scoring drywall? The harder the materials you will be cutting, the harder the knife needs to be. 
The Box Cutter Handle 
The handle plays an integral part in the decision-making process of choosing the best box cutter. After all, if the handle is no good for what you need it, then the entire knife is not going to meet the mark for what you need. 

Believe it or not, four different knife handle options are likely to suit your needs. The fixed-position folding utility knife often comes with a metal handle. It’s an overall versatile knife that suits a range of industries. 

The manual utility knife is often a bit more labor-intensive to use. Still, it can come with a reinforced nylon handle or a metal one for durability. An auto-retractable utility knife is convenient for people who are always on the go, and manufacturers make these with metal or reinforced nylon. 

If you don’t mind paying a bit more for a box cutter than average, then a nylon-handled smart retracting utility knife is a firm favorite, too. As you can see, there are plenty of options for the average person to consider. 
The Blade Type
Equally as important as the handle of a box cutter is the cutting component itself: the blade. Choose the wrong one, and you’re bound to be a very dissatisfied customer. There are a few different options that people like to consider, such as stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic. 

Traditional stainless-steel blades are thin, bendy, and affordable to buy. They are not always the most durable option but are one of the most cost-effective. They can also cut through a range of different materials and are easy to snap off to get to the next part of the blade.

Ceramic blades tend to remain sharper for longer than traditional blades and do not rust. They are also exceptionally durable. In saying that, the blade material can chip, and they are often more expensive to buy than traditional blades.

Some people also prefer titanium blades, which are rust-free and long-lasting. They stay sharp for extended periods, are strong, and are often paired with robust handles to last the distance. A box cutter with a titanium blade is a preferred choice by many people. 
Blade Cost
You might think the highest cost is the utility knife itself, but what about the ongoing expenses relating to the replacement blades? The blade cost can play more of a part than you might think. 

Not only do you need to factor in the price tag of a pack of compatible blades, but also the longevity of those blades. The cheaper the blade, the shorter the length of time they last, in many cases. Think about whether it’s worth buying a more inexpensive utility knife when it might cost you more in the long run. 
Imagine you work in a fast-paced industry that requires you to do everything at lightning speed. It wouldn’t be all that convenient to have a utility knife that has a finicky blade retraction process or one that requires a plethora of different tools to change or replace the blades. 

Therefore, the functionality of the box cutter you buy is equally as important as every other feature. It can be hard to tell how functional a utility knife is without trying it out. The problem is, that’s not possible when you buy one online. 

However, you can tell a lot by the product description, not to mention user reviews. Manual retraction can bring about some challenges, so pay attention to the button or lever in the pictures. 

The thinness of the blade can also determine whether it’ll be a smooth retraction process, or if you will spend a lot of time trying to get the blade unstuck.

But if you’re not sure, read through the reviews of each box cutter you’re looking to buy. People are often more than happy to tell you that the blade quality is poor, that it’s hard to use, or that it’s not easy to replace blades.
A box cutter might be easy to use, but if it’s not safe, then it might not be the best option for you. Look out for safety features that can make your life easier and safer. 

Some come with safety locks, caps, and end caps that stop blades from falling out in your pockets. Some also have lanyard holes or belt clips, so that you can carry the knife around safely. The best box cutter is one that will try and keep you safe and provide a faithful service.
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