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If you’re looking for a piece of exercise equipment that will strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest, hands, back, and lateral muscles, then a pull up bar is the answer. This versatile piece of equipment can even help with ab muscles and all manner of other muscle groups, depending on how you use it.

However, given that it needs to be installed in a doorframe or on your wall, it can be quite tricky to find the perfect one. Save time and effort by viewing these standout options below. You’ll be surprised at how effortless it is to find one that ticks all the boxes.
1. Uflyy Pull Up Exercise Bar without Installation
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Having upper body strength can be of real benefit to most people, so why not invest in this pull up bar from Uflyy? Some people say it can damage doorframes, but not everyone has the same experience with it. Therefore, it’s still worth your while.

It comes with a locking mechanism, an adjustable width, and anti-skid devices. These features combined ensure that it can hold up to 440 pounds of weight with ease. The silicone pads on the bar itself even keep the user comfortable.

This affordable pull up bar comes with a one-year warranty, and it’s easy to install. It doesn’t get much better than that.
Product Features Locking mechanism 29.15-37.5-inch adjustable width Anti-skid devices 440-pound weight limit Silicone pads  One-year warranty Pros It can hold a lot of weight Easy to install Affordable to buy Comfortable to grip You can adjust the length Generous warranty period Cons
It can damage door frames
2. SPRI Premium Pull Up Bar
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This pull up bar from SPRI is designed to handle a generous amount of weight, up to 300 pounds in fact. However, before you add it to your shopping cart, consider whether your doorframe can handle that much weight. Not all door frames are made of tough stuff, so it’s crucial to consider this first.

Once you’ve ticked off that consideration, then this pull up bar will surprise you with all the features it can deliver. It has 12 grip positions to work out different muscle groups and a high-quality steel frame. 

It also boasts foam handles for comfort and plenty of padding. It requires some assembly, but most people won’t mind when they see what it can offer. Skip the gym and work out from home with this pull up bar from SPRI.
Product Features 12 grip positions Steel frame Foam handles 300-pound weight limit 32-inch width limit Pros It fits most doorways Comfortable to use Plenty of padding  Generous weight limit Strong materials Cons It requires assembly Some doorways don’t support the bar and someone’s weight 3. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar
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A pull up bar is an excellent option for anyone who wants to build upper body strength, but what if you want to work out your whole body, as well? This pull up bar can do that, too. Designed as a two-in-one bar in two model options, this piece of exercise equipment is leading the way.

You can secure it to your 33-inch doorframe and use it as its intended purpose, as a pull up bar. However, you can then flip it around and use it on the floor for sit-ups. It also comes with ergonomic handles, three grip positions, and a one-year warranty to complement its competitive price tag. 

This bar might be tricky to set up and can leave marks on your doorframe, but it’s a worthwhile option for many customers.
Product Features Two model options 300-pound weight limit  Two-in-one design Ergonomic handles Three grip positions 33-inch doorway compatibility  One-year warranty Pros You can use it for sit-ups or as a pull up bar Competitive price tag Two model options for sale Ideal for a range of exercises Suits most door frames Easy to set up Cons The assembly process can be tricky The foam pads feel flimsy  The bar can leave marks on your door frame 4. Yes4All Multi Models Fit Pull Up Bar
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Work out different muscle groups with ease thanks to this pull up bar from Yes4All. Even though the instructions for assembly aren’t the best, many people will still find that this bar is easy to set up. What’s more, when it’s set up, it offers a whole host of benefits.

It features solid steel, handles up to 300 pounds of weight, and has three grip positions to work out various muscle groups. People also appreciate the foam padding and broad range of doorframes it fits. Once it in place, this bar is ready to take your workout to the next level.
Product Features Solid steel construction 300-pound weight limit Three grip positions Foam padding 24-32-inch doorway compatibility  One-year warranty Pros Comfortable to use Competitive price tag Easy to set up Generous warranty period It handles a lot of weight Ideal for a range of positions Cons The instructions for assembly are hard to follow 5. T-Day Chin Up and Pull Up Bar
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Change up your workout routine and work on your upper body with the help of this competitively-priced pull up bar. It’s available in two colors of white or black and is fitted with a hollow board core, curved rod, and thickened steel pipe. Essentially, it’s made to last the distance. 

The non-slip foam offers peace of mind that sweat won’t be a problem, while the two-year warranty means that the manufacturer has confidence in its product – so you should too. It’s also easy to assemble and install and is ideal for a range of doorframes. This pull up bar might wobble around a bit in its joins, but it’s certainly a standout product all the same.
Product Features Two color options Hollow board core Non-slip foam Curved rod Thickened steel pipe Two-year warranty Pros Generous warranty period Robust materials It’s easy to set up The grips promote a slip-free workout Ideal for a range of doors Works out various muscle groups You can pick a color Cons It can wobble around 6. C-Easy Strength Training Pull Up Bar
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If you have a spare wall and a love for exercise, then this pull up bar from C-Easy could be worth a closer look. Even though it’s not designed for doorways, it attaches to your wall and can handle up to 440 pounds of weight.

It boasts multiple grip positions to target different muscle groups, and it also has soft foam for comfort. People also love that it comes with robust steel materials and installation accessories. The competitive price tag, comfortable design, and excellent quality of this pull up bar make it well worth a closer look.
Product Features Steel pipe construction Multi-grip positions Soft foam grip Wall-mounted design 440-pound weight limit Installation accessories included Pros Generous weight limit Easy to set up High-quality materials Plenty of positions Comfortable and grippy foam Competitive price tag Cons Doesn’t work in doorframes 7. Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Pull Up Bar
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Start your workout on the right foot with this pull up bar from Sunny Health & Fitness. While it doesn’t have a locking mechanism, and some people say it damages doorways, it’s a small price to pay for an effective upper-body workout.

This bar boasts a generous 220-pound weight limit and works with doorframes between 24.5 and 36 inches. It’s adjustable, has weight-bearing brackets, and even comes with padded handles. People also love how much grip there is, for it extends far beyond many other pull up bars like it.

All the hardware for installation is included, and it won’t take long until it’s in place and ready to use. It might pay to put a soft mat underneath in case the bar falls, but there’s no denying this is a top-quality product all the same.
Product Features 220-pound weight limit  24.5-36-inch width  Adjustable length  Weight-bearing brackets  Padded handles  Extra-long foam grips Installation hardware included Pros Ideal for chin-ups and pull-ups Easy to install It suits most doorframes It comes with all the hardware you need It has a generous weight capacity The grips are comfortable to use Cons No locking mechanism It can damage doorframes 8. T-Day Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
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This wall-mounted pull up bar for beginners or experts is bound to be a game-changer for many people who are looking to take their workout to the next level.

It comes with all the hardware you need, heavy-duty steel, and cross-strutting support partnered with plenty of support beams. Essentially, it’s designed to handle an intense workout session. 

People love how easy it is to install and that it comes with a warranty for peace of mind. What’s more, you can adjust the height easily while making use of the comfortable foam grips. Whether you’re new to upper-body workouts or an expert, this pull up bar can most certainly meet the mark.
Product Features High-density foam grips Heavy-duty steel 300-pound weight limit One-year warranty Steel pipe Cross-strutting support  Wall-mounted design  Height adjustment options Pros It’s easy to adjust the height All installation hardware is included Generous weight limit Comfortable foam grips It has plenty of structure support Ideal for beginners and experts It comes with a warranty Cons You can’t install it in your doorframe 9. LCK Horizontal Doorway Pull Up Bar
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Finding a high-quality and comfortable pull up bar is not as easy as you might think, but LCK is proving that it’s possible. From the non-slip textured mat and telescoping feature to the generous 440-pound weight limit and EVA breathable cotton, there’s plenty to love.

One of the most desirable features, however, is the width. This pull up bar suits doors between 26 and 39 inches, which means there are few doors it won’t be suitable for. Enjoy peace of mind from the four-plated steel pipe and anti-loosening lock, and set it up within minutes. This secure, well-made pull up bar can easily take your workout to the next level.
Product Features 26-39-inch width adjustment options 440-pound weight limit Anti-loosening lock  Non-slip textured mat  Telescoping feature Four-plated steel pipe Thread lock  EVA breathable cotton Pros Designed for comfort and safety Affordable to buy It suits many doorframes It holds securely in place Generous weight limit Suitable for a variety of exercises Easy to set up  Plenty of cushioning Cons The foam can flatten over time 10. Empty Pull-Up Bars
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Many people aren’t entirely convinced to buy a pull up bar because they feel like it can obstruct their doorways. This one from Empty, however, is all about providing a workout without affecting your home’s flow.

Even when it’s installed in place, you can still open and shut your door. That’s a welcome relief for any homeowner. Anyone weighing up to 440 pounds can use it, and it has heavy-duty chrome steel for peace of mind. The non-slip high-density foam grips also ensure your comfort while completing your upper-body workout.

It has a locking mechanism for safety, a wave pattern non-slip mat to keep it secure in your doorframe, and a spirit level to ensure it’s installed correctly. This compact, well-designed pull up bar means business.
Product Features 440-pound weight limit Heavy-duty chrome steel construction Non-slip high-density foam grips Locking mechanism Spirit level  Wave pattern non-slip mat Pros It grips to door frames well Easy to install Comfortable grips to use Ideal for many workout sessions Generous weight capacity You can still close your doors  High-quality materials It locks into place Cons Not as strong as some other bars for sale Considerations for Purchasing a Pull Up Bar 
Something as simple as a pull up bar shouldn’t take all that much research. However, given that you have to install it in your home, and it has to support your weight, it is worth a bit of homework. Otherwise, you might end up with damage and frustration at the end of your purchasing experience.

When you’re ready to work on your upper body strength, then don’t purchase a pull up bar without considering the following points. 
The Price Tag 
The price tag is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, by having a budget, you can significantly narrow down your options. Otherwise, you’ll forever be scrolling through the selection of bars that aren’t within your reach.

And, secondly, the price of a pull up bar can determine its quality in many cases. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule. However, the higher quality the materials and features, the more you can generally expect to pay.
Weight Limit
Alongside the price tag, how much weight a pull up bar can hold is something well worth considering before you hit the buy now button. Remember, they need to be installed on your wall or doorframe, so the weight limitations matter a lot.

Not only does your doorframe or wall studs need to be able to hold the weight, but so too does the bar. Therefore, never exceed the limits outlined by a manufacturer, and only buy one that suits your weight. 

Most pull up bars for sale have a weight limit of 440 pounds. Make sure that wherever you install your new bar, the materials are designed to handle that much force, as well. 
Installation Hardware
With so much force placed on one part of your home, such as the doorframe or wall, it’s crucial to have high-quality installation hardware. Most pull up bars for sale come with it, but not all of them do. Read through the manufacturer’s fine print to find out what comes with the bar. You can then review user comments to see if the hardware was any good, or whether it was necessary to upgrade.
Bar Materials
When you use a pull up bar, you are using all your body weight and strength. Can the materials handle it? The best type of pull up bar is one that has high-quality steel. Any plastic components must also not be in a place where unnecessary stress will be placed on them. It also helps if the steel has plating, such as chrome, to minimize the risk of rust and degradation over time. 
The grip component of a pull up bar is equally as important as the bar strength, installation hardware, and weight limit. After all, if the grip is not high-quality, anyone using the bar can have a hard time enjoying a positive workout experience. 

Most pull up bar manufacturers use a type of foam or rubber. Where this is positioned, its thickness and its quality can make all the difference. The best kind of padding for pull up bars is some that is non-slip, doesn’t react to sweat, and is placed at various handhold positions along the bar. It also helps if it doesn’t flatten with regular use.
Doorframe Compatibility
If the type of pull up bar you buy is one that is installed in your doorway, then there are many things you have to consider. One of those is whether or not the bar will even fit. Fortunately, there doesn’t have to be any guesswork. 

The manufacturer of pull up bars often lists the minimum and the maximum number of inches a doorframe has to be for their bar to fit. This feature is adjustable so that you can secure the tightest fit possible without affecting your safety.

Before you buy a new pull up bar, measure your doorframe. You can then narrow down the options that will work within it. 

Alongside the doorframe’s compatibility with your pull up bar, it’s crucial to look for features that protect it when you’re using the bar. Many people note that such exercise equipment can damage doors that cost hundreds of dollars to fix. 

Always select a pull up bar that has a soft grip to protect against dents and paint damage. Otherwise, choose a wall-mounted variety that installs on your wall studs, rather than in the framing of your doors. 
Exercises to Do on a Pull Up Bar
Once you’ve found what you think is the perfect pull up bar, there’s every reason to start looking at how to use it appropriately. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of exercise options with this type of equipment.

The most common exercise is the standard chin up, which involves using the bar at shoulder width with your palms facing you. You then pull yourself up until your chin is level with the bar. This exercise is not one that most people will achieve on their first try but you can work at it over time.

Climber pull-ups are equally as popular, which involve hanging onto the bar with a shoulder-width grip and your palms facing toward you. Pull your weight up and shift it to the right then left. 

Some people also like to use a pull up bar for the behind neck pull-up. Use a wide grip to grab the bar and have your palms facing away from you. Incline your torso forward and pull your shoulders up until the bar grazes the back of your neck. Then, return to your starting position. 

Ready for a challenge? Move on to the negative pull up. This move requires the use of a chair. Hold your bar with a shoulder-width grip and face your palms toward you. Step off the chair and lower yourself until your arms are extended. Repeat this process. 

What about a fun pull up bar exercise? That would have to be windscreen wipers. Face your palms toward you and grip the bar. Pull yourself up while swinging your legs toward the bar. Keep your torso and arms steady while swinging your arms left and right like a window wiper. 

If you consider yourself a bit of a pull up bar expert, then it might be time to move onto hanging leg raises. Face your palms toward you while you hang onto the bar. Lift yourself off the floor and extend your arms while keeping your body still and straight. 

Lift your legs and bend at the hips, making sure to keep your legs parallel to the floor. The goal of this exercise is to tone your abs, but you can also bend your knees if you find it particularly challenging at first.
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