Slow Winter ~ UFOs (unfinished objects) ~ Cleaning Update

It seems like winter is slow this year. Maybe it's being tucked inside all day long. I don't know. If your wondering why your are getting odd/silly or boring posts.....well, it is winter.

It is a good time to work on UFO's, clean and purge though.
I've been contemplating some outings for a day here and there, but so much needs to be done on the "to-do" list here. First, we are putting one big job on the weekend list - install a new pellet stove. I'm gonna push on that. We really need it done. The electric bill is killing our finances. It'll be a big job for the two of us.

Everything we are doing, or need to do this winter is based on what the weather is on the weekends. They are predicting rain/snow/wind this coming Sat. Sunday may be cold.

My long time followers will remember this fabric. It showed up again, and this time I got the ends sewed for a tablecloth. Finally! While I didn't dig out the sewing machine, it was very nice and relaxing to switch gears and hand sew!

I don't particularly like the orange one already on the table, but it's vintage and fits the larger kitchen table. So glad I finished the other one now!

UFO's being worked on:
I found a creative way to paint and allow these to dry. I used a thin metal rod and ran each end through stacked small fruit baskets from strawberry season.Ornaments (gifts)

(not a UFO, but on the hook)

Hot pads and XL matching pot holders (order)

Cleaning update: washed and dried all the runner rugs (we have a lot), got kitchen swept and mopped dishes done, and two tables cleaned off (new tablecloth down on one), cleaned out my nightstand and found a small unfinished project (I have no idea how in the world it ended up in there, and found a bunch of un-written in journals {one will be a gift} and books I totally forgot I bought, hallway runner washed and dried, carpet cleaned and boot pile cleaned up, and will resume again today (have no idea what area though).

I started cleaning up the utility room. I told my husband, "I have no idea where to even start in that room" so I started with the floor. I really need a new runner rug in there. I may just start making one with scrap yarn too. The two braided rugs in there are falling apart and I can't wash them again.

Day 1 in the utility room resulted with 2 bags of tossed items and one bag started for donations. I took old curtains (which left a tote in the garage) with roosters on them and hung them over the open cubbies that are built in there for coats as well (I asked Hubby for doors in the future, but his list is long right now).

I cleaned up my un-filed recipes. I have a bad habit, especially over the holidays, to just slip them inside the recipe box under the lid. That mess is cleaned up.

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