The Top 5 Amazon Dual Monitor Arms You Have To Try

A dual monitor mount, most importantly, gives users the ability to use multiple displays rather than just one. They give you the option to move and adjust to fit your specific needs. I bought some of the most popular dual monitor arms on Amazon to see if they live up to their high ratings.

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      🎥 Amazon Dual Monitor Arm Video

Amazon Dual Monitor Arm Video

WALI Dual Post Arm

To start off, I have the WALI Dual Post Arm. It is super simple to use and the materials are made from steel. This arm can hold up to 22 pounds, so for my test, I used our 27-inch monitor and 32-inch monitor at the same time. There were no problems with the arm dropping or pivoting at all. One thing I did notice was the post was a little too short for my liking, even at its highest, it still fell below my eyesight. I tested out typing to see if there would be any bouncing of the arms and there was very limited movement at all. The small amounts of movement could be distracting for some.

WALI Dual Post Arm

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand

Next I have the Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand, now this one sits on the desk with a base to reduce tipping of the monitors. When I unboxed the stand, I noticed right away that its base was made of steel and really thin, not nearly as heavy as I thought. I tapped my big utility knife on it and you could tell how thin it really was. The arm itself was similar to the Wali and the way it attached to the monitor. I added the second monitor and it all stood up nice, but I didn’t trust it. It felt really uneasy like it was going to tip.

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand

Huanuo Dual Spring Arm

Moving onto the Huanuo Dual Spring Arm which got a number 1 best seller tag on Amazon. This arm has close to 20,000 ratings averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars. It’s very basic looking with lots of plastic material and an added bonus is there is not much assembly with it. To attach it to the desk, there were two clamps needed, but I feel like one would have worked just fine. I did start with putting the screws in the monitor first to allow it to hook onto the flat part of the arm easier.

Huanuo Dual Spring Arm

The cable management system was a little bit difficult, but looked nice once cables were placed. This arm can hold two 27-inch monitors weighing 14.3 pounds and remain sturdy when everything is all situated. This arm could also raise my monitors high enough for my eyes to be comfortable as I worked. Personally, I like one monitor horizontal and one vertical, so the spring arm allowed for me to adjust them as such.

Ergotron LX Dual Stack Arm

Additionally, I have the Ergotron LX Dual Stack Arm and this one is the most expensive option in the group. There are not as many reviews as the cheaper ones, but it is still highly rated. This arm is in a whole different category than the cheaper alternatives. As I unboxed this one, I noticed how solid and good quality each piece was. Almost everything was made of medal. The recommended size monitors for this arm are two 40-inch monitors weighing about 20 pounds each.

Ergotron LX Dual Stack Arm

The attaching of the monitors does not come easy with the Ergotron, but once attached it works and looks great. It is super strong and sturdy on the desk for long productive workdays. The post provides ample height and flexibility so I tried stacking the monitors on top of each other to see if it would hold. It worked quite nicely so I plan to try this setup in the future. It comes with zip ties for the cable management which I was surprised by because of the high price.

WALI Dual Wall Mount

The final product I tested was the WALI Dual Wall Mount. This one can support two monitors up to 32 inches weighing 19.8 pounds each. This is the most unique, yet functional arm because it connects right to your wall. This could cause a problem if you are using a standing desk. The maximum arm height is only 9.5 inches for adjustment. I noticed with this mount it was tough to measure out where it would be placed and where the desk would need to be placed.

WALI Dual Wall Mount

Once it was actually on the wall, I can say I liked it a lot more than I anticipated. It was without question the most stable option since it wasn’t on the desk at all. Vibrations on the desk wouldn’t affect it on the wall at all. I also found that it cleared up space on my desk where a normal arm system would be placed.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, dual monitor arms are a great way to have your monitors at eye level and allow adjustment options depending on your personal preference.

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