Toolbox Organizers Are the Simple Hack That Will Make You Feel Like a DIY Genius

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If you’re like most people, your toolbox is a mess of tools, screws and other bits and bobs. Perhaps it takes you five minutes to find the socket, drill bit or set of pliers you need every time you go searching. Sound about right? Then read on because, for a time, we were just like you.

Toolboxes are one of the hardest things in the home to keep organized due to their very nature. They are built to hold an array of small items, and really the only way to keep toolboxes tidy is to invest in the best toolbox organizers. The best toolbox organizer will depend on what kinds of tools you need to organize. It’s also important to factor in how you like to organize; do you prefer to keep every specific item separate, or are you fine with grouping things by type. The best toolbox organizers will let you do either. 

These aids are built to hold your tools and small items. In general, there are six different types of toolbox organizers, allowing you to keep each type of tool in its rightful place. 

  • Tray: Kind of like the tray you keep in your silverware drawer to separate the knives from the forks, these trays are inserts that sit in the drawers of your toolbox. They allow you to keep your screws in one part of the tray and your drill bits in another. Some trays are even covered, allowing you to keep them inside or outside of your toolbox.
  • Rack: Organization racks are specialized metal structures that either sit in toolbox drawers or on top of the toolbox itself. They can hold wrenches, pliers, files or screwdrivers in an upright or horizontal fashion.
  • Foam: Some toolbox organizers are foam sheets that lay in drawers and boast cutout slots for various tools. These can come pre-cut by the manufacturer, or you can buy a foam roll to DIY your own organizational inserts.
  • Magnetic: If the inside of your toolbox is full, a magnetic organizer can attach to its exterior, allowing you to attach magnetic tools to the outside of your toolbox. Some magnetic organizers have built-in shelves or can holders for non-metal or bulkier items.
  • Shelves: Another way to add more space to your toolbox is to add a shelf to the top of it. Some shelves are simple, while others have a series of small drawers for your bits and bobs.
  • Specialized: Finally, there are some specialized toolbox organizers that are designed to hold a specific type of tool. This is common in socket organizers, but you can also find specialized organizers for screwdrivers, wrenches and electronic tools.

From foam inserts to liners and plastic trays, these are the 30 best toolbox organizers you can order right now.


1. Made Smart Interlocking Drawer Organizer


The Made Smart Interlocking Drawer Organizer allows you to design your own organization system. The trays attach to one another on two sides for hundreds of different possible configurations. This set comes with three small square trays, which are ideal for screws and other bits and bobs, three oblong trays, which are great for screwdrivers, and two larger rectangular trays for everything else.

tool box organizer madesmart Buy: Madesmart toolbox organizer $12.79 (orig. $13.90) 8% OFF

2. Ernst 5060-Red 16″ Tool Standard Wrench Organizer


A standard set of wrenches includes 16 different sizes, and this Ernst Tool Standard Wrench Organizer was designed to hold them all in descending order. The plastic tray can be mounted on the wall or kept in your toolbox using double-sided or magnetic tape, which needs to be ordered separately. As an added bonus, this made-in-the-USA organizer comes with a lifetime guarantee.

tool box organizer ernst

Buy: Ernst 5060-Red 16 $7.95


3. Ernst Manufacturing Home and Garage Organizer Tray


The Ernst Manufacturing Home and Garage Organizer Tray makes keeping your tools in order a simple task. The plastic toolbox organizer includes 10 compartments and measures 11 by 16 inches. To use it, you simply need to slide the tray into your toolbox drawers and fill it with all your screwdrivers, pliers and nails. These organizers are available in four different colors and can sit next to each other with ease in standard toolbox drawers.

tool box organizer ernst manufacturing

Buy: Ernst Manufacturing Home and Garage Organizer Tray $9.95


4. Utility Extra Narrow Stackable Plastic Bins


Need containers and organization? No surprise, The Container Store is a good bet. While they primarily focus on home and office, they have plenty of solid options for the garage, and many of their desk organizers can be repurposed as tool/bit organizers. These bins are ideal for the garage; they’re stackable, saving space on your workbench, and they come in different sizes to organize bits, bolts, screwdrivers and whatever else you can think to store. Plus, the cases are transparent to more easily see what’s inside. While these may be more for on top of your toolbox than inside of it, they’re still a great investment.

garage tool organizer Buy: Container Store Stackable Bins $2.99

5. iDesign Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers


The best toolbox organizers don’t actually need to be for tools. These organizers from iDesign are a great example of an organizer that can be used for multiple purposes. It’s shown as being used for cutlery, but there’s no reason it can’t work for smaller screwdrivers, cables, nuts and bolts and the like. The shallow size means they should fit easily in any workbench drawers. Plus, the transparent design makes it easier to see what’s inside.

garage tool organizer Buy: iDesign Linus Shallow Organizers $5.99

6. DeWalt Deep Pro Storage Organizer


DeWalt is one of the top tool brands in the world, so it’s no surprise the brand also makes great accessories to go along with its tools. Take this storage box, which has a transparent lid and a convenient carrying handle. Plus, the inserts are removable, meaning you can easily fit larger items as needed.

garage tool organizer Buy: DeWalt Tool Box $32.99

7. Vitra Toolbox


This toolbox oraganizer is about as simple as they come, and it has a surprisingly stylish design for such a functional and utilitarian object. The box is built from durable ABS plastic, and it has a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation. The inside of the toolbox organizer has fixed dividers for organizing your essentials. Whether you keep it at your desk or use it in your garage, it’ll come in handy for years to come.

garage tool organizer Buy: Vitra Tool Box $35.00

8. Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tool Case Organizer


If you have tools that you regularly take with you out of your toolbox and on the go, you’ll need a case to carry them in and keep them together in your garage. That’s where the Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tool Case Organizer comes in. This protective case was designed to hold and protect delicate instruments, like meters and tech devices. However, it can hold just about anything less than 10 inches long, five inches wide and two inches tall. It boasts a hard shell exterior yet has a soft interior lining and no-catch zips around the edges. Plus, the color scheme makes this case stand out from its surroundings.

tool box organizers klein tools tradesman

Buy: Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tool Case Organizer $19.97


9. Stalwart 73-Compartment Stackable Organizer


Designed for organizing craft supplies, the Stalwart 73-Compartment Stackable Organizer can do an equally good job at organizing your toolbox. The set includes six storage boxes of various sizes. Combined, these boxes boast 73 compartments, but they can be used individually in different drawers of your toolbox or different parts of your garage. And, if you don’t need all six for your tools, you can also use these clear, yellow boxes for fishing gear, art supplies or your sewing kit.

tool box organizers stalwart

Buy: Stalwart 73-Compartment Stackable Organizer $21.17


10. ToolAssort Plier Organizer Rack


If you use spring-loaded pliers and other handheld tools, you know how difficult they are to keep organized, especially when they’re constantly springing open. The Tool Assort Plier Organizer Rack solves that issue with its specially designed support bar to keep your tools closed and upright. Each rack has five slots for spring-loaded pliers, four for wide-handled tools and six slots for normal pliers. This pack comes with two organizational racks.

tool box organizer toolassort

Buy: ToolAssort Plier Organizer Rack $26.97


11. FastCap Kaizen Black/White Foam


For a DIY approach to organization, look no further than the FastCap Kaizen Foam. This thick foam is designed to lay inside your toolbox, allowing you to cut holes out of the foam in just the same size as your tools. Then, all you need to do is slip your tools in the foam for an excellent way to organize the toolbox. The super tough foam includes a 1/8-inch thick white layer with a thin black layer on top.

tool box organizer fastcap

Buy: FastCap Kaizen Black/White Foam $56.99


12. Olsa Tools Magnetic Can Holder


Not all the tools in your toolbox take the elongated shape of wrenches, screwdrivers and bits. Sometimes, the hardest tools to keep organized are those that come in spray cans, like WD40, wasp removal spray or brake spray. The Olsa Tools Magnetic Can Holder gives you somewhere to keep these aerosol cans so that they stop getting in the way. This holder uses magnets to attach to the exterior of a standing toolbox, and it has three round cut-outs to hold three cans of your choosing. Of course, you can also add more holders to your toolbox if you have more cans to organize.

tool box organizers osla tools magnetic

Buy: Olsa Tools Magnetic Can Holder $22.87


13. B&C Home Goods Professional Tool Box Liner


If you don’t want to keep your tools in fixed positions but would like to prevent them from sliding around and banging against one another, try layering your drawers, worktops and toolbox with this B&C Home Goods Professional Tool Box Liner. Not only does the thick material ensure a soft landing for your tools when you set them down, but it also sports a textured grip and non-adhesive surface which can be wiped down for easy cleaning. In addition, the tough build quality is made to last and comes in two different-sized rolls, depending on your storage needs.

tool box organizer bc tool

Buy: B&C Home Goods Professional Tool Box Liner $49.99


14. Akro-Mils 24 Drawer Hardware and Craft Cabinet


Rather than having a hundred small boxes full of hooks, pins, bolts and bits, store them all in one place with the Akro-Mils 24 Drawer Hardware and Craft Cabinet. Its rugged, high-impact plastic frame gives this toolbox organizer plenty of durability, while each near-unbreakable drawer provides just the right amount of space for your storage needs. There are 24 drawers in total inside this USA-made organizer, which is great for crafting, fishing and other hobbies in addition to toolbox organization.

tool box organizer akro mils

Buy: Akro-Mils 24 Drawer Hardware and Craft Cabinet $45.60 (orig. $59.30) 23% OFF


15. Eastwood Magnetic Shelf Three Pack


Is your toolbox at capacity? Is it jammed full of wrenches, nuts, bolts, bits and seemingly everything else under the sun? Create more storage space with the Eastwood Magnetic Shelf Three Pack. These organizers attach to the exterior of metal toolboxes to hold aerosol cans, screwdrivers, paintbrushes and other small bits. The extra strong, rubber-coated magnets protect the paint on your toolbox while ensuring this shelf can hold heavy stuff, like tools and full cans. In addition to three different shelves, this multi-pack also includes a magnetic paper towel holder for your convenience.

tool box organizers eastwood magnetic

Buy: Eastwood Magnetic Shelf Three Pack $56.99


16. Olsa Tools Portable Socket Organizer Tray


Rather than wasting your time searching through a messy pile every time you need a socket, why not keep them in order with this Olsa Tools Portable Socket Organizer Tray? The four lines of spring-loaded ball bearing clips make it easy to arrange your 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch sockets in ascending order to make finding the one you’re after a two-second job. Furthermore, you’ll also find heavy-duty backing on the organizer. There are two different sizes and two different colors to choose from.

tool box organizer osla

Buy: Olsa Tools Portable Socket Organizer Tray $38.87


17. Olsa Tools Magnetic Socket Holder


If you’re looking for an easy way to organize your sockets, this magnetic organizer from Olsa Tools is a great option. It has numbered slots for sockets of different sizes, making it easier to find the one you’re looking for. Plus, the socket pockets are magnetic, meaning you can mount this tray to the side of your cabinet and the sockets will stay in place.

toolbox organizers Buy: Olsa socket organizer $33.87

18. SimpleHouseware Stackable Sliding Basket Organizer Drawer


While this is designed for kitchen cabinets or under the sink, it’s also a great option in the garage. The two-tiered shelving system is made from metal, so it’s a more durable option than some plastic alternatives. The mesh design makes it easy to see the contents of the cabinet as well. Both shelves slide out for easy access, and you can store items on top of the shelf.

toolbox organizers Buy: SimpleHouseware organizer drawer $33.97

19. Grypmat Pro, Original Flexible Tool Tray Organizer


This tool tray from Grypmat is made from a flexible silicone material that gently grips whatever surface it’s placed on. That means you can keep it on angled and unstable surfaces and it’ll stay in place. It comes in a few different sizes, and the small model has four larger cells for storing tools and two smaller cells for storing bolts and other small pieces. Its silicone construction makes it heat resistant, so you can place it directly on a hot engine without damaging it.

toolbox organizers Buy: Grypmat tool organizer $60.96

20. Casabella Cleaning Handle Bucket


If you’re looking to take your tools on the go, consider this carrying caddy from Casabella. It’s designed for cleaning supplies, but it can very easily be used for small tools and other garage essentials. It’s made from lightweight plastic, so it’s easy to take on the go, and the silicone grip makes it more comfortable to carry.

toolbox organizers Buy: Casabella caddy organizer $16.49

21. Kootek 9 Pcs Desk Drawer Organizer Trays


These simple tool-organizing trays from Kootek are ideal for organizing your desk, kitchen drawers and of course, your tool cabinet. This set includes nine plastic transparent trays that vary in size so you can easily store long but narrow tools and larger items. The transparent design also reduces visual clutter and makes it easier to see what you’re looking for.

toolbox organizers Buy: Kootek desk drawer organizer trays $23.99

22. Fleming Supply Toolbox


This little Fleming toolbox organizer will keep all those small accessories nice and tidy. It is the perfect add-on to your existing toolbox. It comes with five different compartments to organize accessories by size and type. What we like the most about this tool organizer is the drop-down door that allows you to see all your small pieces so easily. Plus, it is available in different colors and designs.

toolbox organizer Buy: Fleming Supply Toolbox Organizer $24.53

23. Craftsman Versastack System


Heavy-duty, neat and good-looking, this Craftsman Versastack is easily one of the best toolbox organizers. Given its flat design, you can stack it inside your toolbox or on top of it. It comes with two drawers, removable dividers, and a comfortable handle for easy carrying.

toolbox organizer Buy: Craftsman Toolbox Organizer $39.98

24. Dickies Canvas Large Tool Organizer


We’re not going to lie, this is our favorite tool organizer on our list. This Dickies Tool Organizer keeps all your wrenches and small hand tools nicely in place and is always ready to use. It has 23 pockets to store all your different wrenches and screwdrivers. Furthermore, it is made out of cotton and uses very little space in your toolbox because it rolls nicely together.

toolbox organizer Buy: Dickies Toolbox Organizer $24.99

25. Kobalt Bucket Organizer


If you didn’t know already, now you do — you can use a bucket as a toolbox and keep all your tools tidily organized. This Kobalt Bucket Organizer is made of durable materials, comes with 26 pockets, and fits all kinds of tools, from small hand tools up to power tools like your favorite drill. Plus, having a bucket gives you the flexibility to move around with all your tools and this one is very affordable. FYI, the bucket is not included. This is BYOB, bring your own bucket.

toolbox organizer Buy: Kobalt Toolbox Organizer $13.98

26. U.S. General Drawer Organizer


If you are tired of having all your small tools and accessories all over your toolbox drawer, this set of six drawer organizers is going to fix that problem. Thanks to its compact width, height, and length, it fits most roller tool chest drawers. Now, all your screws, nails, and hand tools will be nice and neat all the time.

toolbox organizer Buy: US General Toolbox Organizer $5.99

27. U.S. General Magnetic Hook


This strong, versatile and resistant magnetic hook is just perfect for keeping your extension cords and corded tools in check. This magnetic hook can attach to any metallic surface and can hold up to 25 pounds. We won’t blame you if you end up buying a few of these. If you are not a fan of the white design, these come in all different colors, including red, black and blue.

toolbox organizer Buy: US General Magnetic Hook $6.49

28. Yukon Wall Mount Tool Organizer


This tool organizer won’t fit in your toolbox for sure, but it will keep all your large hand tools, such as shovels, brooms, and levels, organized. This wall-mounted tool organizer can be used not only for tools but for sporting equipment, winter gear, and more. This organizer is going to be a hit in your garage.

toolbox organizer Buy: Yukon Wall Mount Organizer $14.99

29. U.S. General Magnetic Glove/Tissue Dispenser


When you use your tools, you know that your hands or face are bound to get dirty. This magnetic box is perfect for holding your gloves and tissues. It conveniently attaches to your metal toolbox or any other metal surface. And if you like this product, the next one makes for a good pair.

toolbox organizer Buy: US General Glove Holder $14.99

30. U.S. General Magnetic Paper Towel Holder


Yes, similar to the glove/tissue holder above, this is a great companion to your chest tool. This paper towel holder attaches to any metal device without scratching it and fits all paper towel sizes. Now you can always get your hands and face clean after each job.

toolbox organizer Buy: US General Paper Towel Holder $13.99

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