Up Tech Instruments HISS Laser Tape Measure 2022 REVIEW

Laser tape measure makes projects easier to measure.

In the past couple of years, I’ve been working on improving my home office. I’ve been adding different furniture pieces and removing items that no longer need to be part of the space. Before I select a piece of furniture, I measure the space I think it’s going to fit in and then check the dimensions of the item.

This is pretty typical behavior for someone remodeling or redecorating. I do end up having some trouble with the longer walls in the room though. I have an older tape measure but it has a kink in the tape and that means that I end up guessing sometimes. I don’t always have an extra set of hands to help hold the end of the measuring tape and that’s where the Laser Tape Measure comes into play.


The HISS Laser Tape Measure from Up Tech Instruments is a two-in-one digital distance measure. It can measure distances up to 196 feet and features both a 16-foot tape measure and a long-range laser. The laser has a lower level of diffraction, which ensures more accuracy downrange. The laser measuring tape can switch between measurement units (feet-inch, inch, inch decimal, feet decimal, and meter). A digital display is included with backlighting to provide an easy read of measurements.

HISS Laser Tape Measure

The laser measuring tape is rugged and built with a magnetic hook. The body of the measuring tape is made with a nylon coating and the magnetic hook also acts as a mount for the laser when you need to take hands-free measurements. The laser measuring tape is a little larger than a standard 16-foot measuring tape and it takes two AAA batteries (included). A user manual also comes in the box along with a small screwdriver for battery installation.

Main Features

  • Versatile laser tape measure with a robust build, accurate long reach, and a combination of useful utility features
  • Extended reach with 196-foot laser
  • 65-foot tape measure that is resistant to wear
  • Digital readout is visible under various environments – includes a backlight illuminates readings in reduced visibility conditions
  • Improved laser structure with a larger lens and a larger reception space
  • Longer Rayleigh length improves measurement accuracy
HISS Laser Tape Measure


The Laser Tape Measure comes in a plain brown cardboard box. There is nothing identifying the product for what it is, which is fine if you order it directly from an online store, but if this were sold in a brick-and-mortar store, it would be impossible to know anything about the item.

When you open the box, you will find a set of AAA batteries, a tiny screwdriver, the laser tape measure, and a printed user guide. The operation of the Laser Tape Measure is very basic. Users can choose to use the standard tape measure or the laser tape measure. To use the laser tape measure, you press the ‘read’ button. The laser turns on and when you press the ‘red’ button again, the laser turns off and a measurement appears on the display.

I took several measurements and it worked really well. I double-checked the measurements with the regular measuring tape and the laser was accurate. This comes in really handy especially when you are trying to measure larger spaces. I am always wondering what the sizes of the rooms in our house are and now I can easily map out the rooms and their dimensions.

HISS Laser Tape Measure


I have to admit that when I heard about this device I wasn’t sure it was something I really needed. I had a tape measure and I really try to be practical when it comes to adding items to my toolkit. As it turns out, this is a great add-on to my toolset and I’m grateful to have it.

For more information, visit uptechinstruments.com and Facebook.

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