Weekend Update/Ramblings

I really dislike posing for pictures. That’s a funny statement coming from a fashion/style/outfit blogger, but it’s true. All I really want to do is write about what I think (about this item of clothing, that baby toy, or some beauty product or other). But pictures come with the blogging territory so I suck it up and try not to GAF. But sometimes I do. Especially when trying to take an outfit shot on the street (like the one I tooke below for the Everlane Chino Shorts review I did this past week), because that’s the only time I’ll bother to change out of PJs these days. It’s hard not to be self-conscious. It would be great to take outfit shots at home but unfortunately the lighting in our new apartment is pretty terrible (though my mom’s apartment is better so you might see some shots from there). Anyway it’s just interesting that an unphotogenic introvert like myself is now taking pictures on the street for a blog >.< lol.
I read this post interviewing single women in their 40’s and 50’s and enjoyed it. I could see myself happily unmarried and childless if my life had turned out differently. But I’m just as grateful for the life I have now. Like one of the women said, “You can have a great life in any situation. You have to be thankful in it, whatever is happening.”

And if you’ve been eyeing Everlane’s Day Market Tote (or Day Square Tote) they’re on sale today only for $125 (so that’s about $50-40 off depending on which tote you’re looking at). I mean it’s a good tote and the most used bag in my closet so I would feel remiss not to mention it.

I got sucked into Amazon’s Prime Day. Of course I didn’t plan on buying anything but did end up buying stuff for the baby that we needed and happened to be on sale (they had so many things that we had already purchased on sale too, darn it!). Also got some baby shower gifts that were on my friend’s registry that also happened to be on sale. And lastly I got some books that were on my wishlist for awhile since there was a $5 off $15 promo. Man, Amazon really knows how to hook me in. Anyone else get sucked into Amazon Prime Day?

Oh and last week I talked about not buying anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Well now I have to eat my words because I did some early morning impulse purchases >.< yesterday . I got this GloPRO Microneedling set (usually $229 at Sephora and $179 for the Nordstrom sale) because if I’m spending $260+ on Augustinus Bader cream, I might as well try to make it as effective as possible with some microneedling (which allows serums and creams to sink deeper into the skin). And then I also got this red LED light wand from LightStim (normally $249, on sale for $165) after reading an article about the wonders of LED light on wrinkles and large pores. I don’t have the time to go for those seriously expensive facials that I see those NYC influencers go to, but I can try to see if these at-home tools might do the trick. As usual I’ll review all these products after trying them out consistently for awhile.

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