21 Wine Cork Crafts You’ll Actually Use

When it comes to our favorite DIY projects, wine cork crafts rank way up there for us.

Picture it: it’s the end of the day. Maybe it’s been really stressful or maybe it’s been a really good day. Either way, you can’t wait to break into that bottle of wine calling to you from the refrigerator. When the glorious moment finally arrives, you pour your glass.

But have you ever stopped and looked at the wine cork sitting there on the counter (or in your hand) and realized that this seemingly insignificant object has enormous potential?

Enjoy the wine, but don't let the fun stop there. Check out these 21 Wine Cork Crafts You'll Actually Use!

Obviously, on its own it’s nothing but a simple cork. But add several other corks and you have nearly endless crafting projects at your fingertips And these aren’t just your average crafting projects, these are some of the prettiest and most useful DIY wine cork projects we could find on the web. Don’t believe me? Prepare to have your mind blown!

Easy & Creative Wine Cork Crafts

From artsy to practical, we’ve gathered some amazing wine cork crafts. I love the colors in the wine cork bulletin board, it actually might be my own favorite. It may take me a bit to collect enough corks, though.

But if you already have a whole jar full of corks and you have no idea what to do with them, take a look at these 21 DIY ideas and make your next dinner party or birthday gift as unforgettable and unique as you!

1. Wine Cork Coasters for your Wine Glasses

Make some wine cork coasters to sit your wine glasses on. It’s just the right thing to do! This design is both artistic and functional. Your guests will rave about these at your next dinner party and marvel at how creative you are!  For this cork drink coaster craft you will need: wine corks, box cutter, sand paper and grab your hot glue gun!

Couple these with the DIY wine charms idea coming up, and you got yourself a winning formula.

Wine Cork Crafts Wine DIY Cork Coasters

2. A Wine Cork Bulletin Board would make a great gift!

A wine cork bulletin board is exactly what mom wants! She will never forget her to-do list, and she will never forget you!

The beauty of this gift is that you can customize it by painting the corks your favorite color, so it doesn’t have to be white and blue, it can be black and orange and really stand out as a great decoration in your home.

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Bulletin Board

3. A Chalkboard and Wine Cork Place Cards for your next big event!

Make some chalkboard and wine cork place cards. You can reuse them again and again when hosting dinners! Wine lovers will really appreciate you thinking of them when you show off their names on corks from wines from all around the world!

You can buy the tiny chalkboards at any craft store, and you can stand them up with simple wooden sticks, dowels or even popsicle sticks.

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Chalkboard Cork Place cards

4. A Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer to combine your two favorite things

Jewelry is so hard to keep straight. Some people keep theirs in bags and the necklaces get all tangled up, making it impossible to actually enjoy the act of putting them on!

No more tears! Put the wine corks inside a frame, add some hooks, and you’ve got yourself a cool jewelry organizer! The two loves of your life combined: wine and your fashion accessories!  And the small metal hook installation is a breeze in the cork.

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Jewelry Organizer

5. Make a Wine Cork Tray and impress your fancy dinner party guests

Make a wine cork tray to use at parties and get-togethers, and be the talk of the town. Your friends will be asking you for more DIY ideas to bring their love for wine into their daily lives, and then you can dazzle them with all your DIY wine cork craft knowledge!

Remember that you can cut the corks in any shape, so they don’t have to fit into the tray exactly right. The best tool for the job would be a hacksaw, but if you have a sharp serrated knife, you will be all set! Be careful and practice safety measures!

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Wine Cork Tray

6. A Wine Cork Trivet that your pots and pans can cool on

This wine cork trivet is an absolute necessity in the kitchen! Plus, it reminds you every day that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! A wine glass while making dinner is the perfect way to end a perfect day!

You should probably make more than one. You can use one for the meat, another for the mashed potatoes, and you got dinner on the table without making a mess bringing the food from the kitchen to the plates!

Wine Cork Crafts Cork DIY Trivet for Pots and Pans

7. Use Wine Corks as Vase Filler

Your plants will thank you for giving them the classy look they needed. When you use wine corks as a vase filler you give them an excellent way to stay upright and stable.

You are saving the environment by recycling your corks, and you are adding a splash of love and great memories of wine to your home.

Wine Cork DIY Crafts Vase Filler

8. Wine Cork Coat Hooks will class up the place!

Make your own coat hooks! Put one in your bedroom for your robe, one in the bathroom for your towel, and one by your front door for your actual coat! You can even have a bunch of them together for your hats!

Remember to use corks that have a round top, and that have the insignia of your favorite winery!

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Coat Hooks

9. Create a Wine Cork Monogram for your Wine Bestie!

Add some flair to your décor with a wine cork monogram. Do you have a friend or family member whose name is worthy of immortalizing in wine corks? You got your answer right here, and they will thank you for being so thoughtful!

The cool thing is that this craft is much easier than you might expect and you only need three craft supplies:

  • Wood Letter of Your Choice
  • Craft Glue
  • Corks

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Monogram Gift

10. Give your kitchen a new look with a Wine Cork Backsplash!

Get the kitchen you always wanted with this wine cork backsplash. This beautiful decoration goes right with your personality and your kitchen will finally look complete!

This is a little larger craft…in fact, this is DIY backsplash territory!  You will need a lot of corks (duh), scroll saw, plywood, utility knife, stud finder, plastic outlet extenders, finishing nails, clear sealant, clear caulk and contact cement.

Wine Cork Crafts Cork DIY Kitchen Backsplash

11. This Wine Cork Bath Mat will feel great beneath your feet!

If you have hundreds of wine corks saved, try your hand at this wine cork bath mat. Tired of your old bath mat? It’s time to give your bathroom a well deserved upgrade with this excellent choice for when you step out of the shower!  This bath mat took 175 corks plus shelf liner and hot glue.

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Bath Mat

13. A Wine Corks Knobs will give your drawers a rustic look

Looking for a way to upgrade your furniture? Here’s an amazing way to upgrade the look of any dresser by adding wine corks knobs to your drawers.

What a smart and easy craft that looks like genius DIY.

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Drawer Knobs

14. Bring Wine to your Garden with these Wine Cork Garden Markers

Looking for a practical way to use your corks? Wine cork garden markers will come in handy this spring! Paint over them, write what you are planting, and stick them to the ground with popsicle sticks! This idea is a DIY dream!

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Garden Markers Signs

15. Make Bungee Cord Ties to keep your cables and wires neat and tidy!

Got a mess of cords around your computer and electronics at home? No problem! These bungee cord ties made with wine corks will keep your work area safe and clean. You can buy elastic bungee cords in any outdoors store, or you can use elastic bands!

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Bungee Cord Ties

16. Wine Cork Keychains are lovely and practical

Need an extra keychain or two? These wine cork keychains are great for taking to the pool, because if you accidentally drop them in the water, they’ll float.  And you just need to secure a simple eyehook.

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Key Chains

17. Knitters and Flossers will love these Wine Cork Spools

Use them as spools to store smaller segments of twine, yarn or floss. There is no other solution that is simpler or more practical than this one for your wine corks!  What a cute teeny tiny storage solution from a cork craft.

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Spools for Thread

18. Make your own Wine Cork Stamps

If you do a lot of crafting,  you can easily make your own cork stamps from wine corks using an X-ACTO (exacto) knife to carve the design.  These DIY paint stamps are lines, plaid, triangular, lines, stars, flowers and “x”s.

Wine Cork Crafts Cork DIY Stamps for Kids

19. Wine Charms are the best gift idea!

Recycle some of your wine corks to make wine charms. They’ll add a beautiful touch when you are gifting wine. Couple them with seashells and they are the perfect accessory for your summer barbecue!

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Wine Glass Chimes Charms

20. Create a Wine Cork Vase for your flowers

Or you can make a wine cork vase instead. Wine corks can be very versatile and practical, but they can be beautiful and remind you of those good times you had surrounded by family and friends.

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Vase for Flowers

21. Create a Tic-Tac-Toe game set with your left over wine corks

Did you ever think you could make a tic tac toe game for the kiddos? These are so cute, and your kids will love them! Here are even more wine cork crafts for kids.

If you are looking for more ideas for kids, check out these Batman Crafts for the whole family!

Wine Cork Crafts DIY Tic Tac Toe Game for Kids

22. BONUS Idea! Make Wine Cork Earrings and show them off at your next event

Make these wine cork earrings to give as gifts, or keep them for yourself. You can get creative with yarn, metallic pieces and thread. You can do this and be the DIY king and queen!

Wine Cork Crafts Wine DIY Cork Earrings

Which of these DIY Wine Cork craft ideas was your favorite?

Are you kicking yourself for throwing out your wine corks yet? It’s okay. Who could know that these little cylinders were good for more than stopping wine? But now you know and can start saving up your wine corks for a useful and pretty DIY project. Which one has got you most excited?

Wine Cork Crafts, Cork Drawer Knobs, Chalkboard Place cards, Cork Earrings, Cork Jewelry Organizer

Are you looking for more ways to DIY your growing wine cork collection?

Check out these DIY wine cork ideas next!

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