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Your own personal tale, portrayed on the important items that you’ve used regularly to conquer your everyday tasks. And when it comes to copper EDC, that hard-earned copper patina is hard to beat. So if you’re looking for that personal touch in your daily setup, or looking to fine-tune your all-copper load out, we think these copper EDC essentials are a great place to start your story…
CIVIVI MT-1 CA-02B Copper Stonewashed Multi-tool (US$16.75)
The CIVIVI MT-1 CA-02B multi-tool is designed to provide contactless assistance when interacting with objects. It helps you to open doors and push buttons on the go courtesy of the integrated hook and button pusher. Designed with the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, it stores easily in a pocket or bag, with the copper construction offering natural antimicrobial properties. 
Shire Post Mint Memento Mori Memento Mori / Memento Vivere Reminder Coin (US$17)
Just like the two sides of a coin, life is about balance. And this Memento Mori / Memento Vivere Reminder Coin helps us remember that while it can be useful to reflect on mortality, it’s also important to embrace life. Shire Post Mint makes the solid copper coin in the USA using antique machinery and traditional coining techniques.
Spine Wallet – Copper (US$24.99)
Spine was founded by two brothers, Josh Barclay (a machinist) and Caleb Barclay (a designer). And their copper Spine Wallet is a sleek choice for those seeking a minimalist wallet. It’s made in Gilbert, Arizona, using C110 copper (half hard) and an elastic band to secure the contents. And for a little bit of fun added functionality, it also features an integrated bottle opener.
Jacob Bromwell Lexington Copper Money Clip (US$25)
Clean elegance is the name of the game with this pure copper money clip. Handcrafted in the USA, the pocket clip can hold a combination of cash and cards and brings a dapper sense of style to your EDC setup.
Prometheus Lights Kappa Quick Release (US$25)
While keychains are great for carrying items close at hand, it can sometimes still take a while to actually access those items when you need them. That’s where the Prometheus Lights Kappa Quick Release comes in. The quick-release design allows you to easily detach items from your keychain when you need them, while keeping them securely attached when you don’t. This made-in-the-USA piece withstands up to 10 lbs of force. So you can roam with peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure.
Griffin Pocket Tool Mini – Copper (US$35)
Looking for a pocket clip and multitool in one? The Griffin Pocket Tool Mini not only lets you secure keys in place in your pocket but also offers additional features such as wrenches, a bottle opener, screwdriver, scoring tool, and a pry tool. And with its compact and lightweight design, it won’t weigh you down on the go either.
Koch Tools Treble Keychain Dangler (US$45)
Offering personality and practicality, this eye-catching solid copper piece from Koch Tools offers a variety of features. The pocket hook lets you secure the Dangler to a pocket edge or belt loop. Plus separate areas allow you to organize attached items for easier access. And with an integrated bottle opener, you’re always ready for a refreshing brew.
RovyVon Aurora A9 Copper LED Keychain Flashlight (US$49.95)
For flashlight enthusiasts who want their EDC to shine with a handsome copper flashlight, the RovyVon Aurora A9 is a great choice. The flashlight offers a choice of five lighting modes, helping you adapt to a range of illumination needs. It features a 260mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that offers up to 32 hours of runtime in moonlight mode. And it also comes in 450-lumen and 650-lumen options to suit your personal preferences.
CIVIVI Asticus Flipper Knife Stonewashed Copper Handle (US$70)
The CIVIVI Asticus Flipper Knife is a practical and attractive tool for handling a variety of day-to-day cutting tasks. The stonewashed copper handles bring subtle style to the table, while the pocket clip offers easy portability on your person or secured in a bag.
Foursevens Preon P2 Mk. lll (US$75)
Prometheus Lights acquired Foursevens in 2018 and has taken the brand’s products from strength to strength. Case in point, the Preon P2 Mk. lll. The flashlight uses easily available AAA batteries and offers 210 lumens, with a high-CRI Nichia 219C emitter. The flashlight also features a new rubber tail cap and a dependable Prometheus pocket clip. Additionally, the grooves under the clip have been removed to prevent them from potentially damaging your pocket.
Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen (US$99)
The Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen not only has a ridiculously satisfying bolt action mechanism but also comes in a choice of sizes, with the Mini being ideal if you’re after a compact, functional, and handsome daily writer. Machined in the USA, this copper EDC pen is built to offer decades of trusty use as well as a unique patina over time.
Rick Hinderer Knives Extreme Duty Modular Pen (US$100)
If you’re looking for a discreet self-defense tool that offers EDC practicality too, the Rick Hinderer Knives Extreme Duty Modular Pen may be just what you’re looking for. It features a modular design that accepts multiple end attachments to configure it to different needs. Tough and durable enough to endure hard strikes, yet stylish enough to suit a range of work and play settings, it’s a savvy pick for a discreet multifunctional EDC piece.
Prometheus Writes Alpha Pen (US$195)
From the creative mind behind Prometheus Lights comes the Prometheus Writes Alpha Pen. Alpha in name and designed to offer a suitably commanding performance, this suave offering blends excellent construction, striking looks, and an enjoyable writing experience designed for use with Montblanc rollerball cartridges. Precision machined by Jason Hui in California from solid copper, it’s an heirloom-worthy piece you’ll be happy to reach for day after day.

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CIVIVIMT CopperEdc GriffinPocketToolMini CIVIVIAsticusFlipperKnifeStonewashedCopperHandle RickHindererKnivesExtremeDutyModularPen

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