Misfill, Sinister Edition

Each week in Refill, the Pen Addict Members newsletter, I publish Ink Links as part of the additional content you receive for being a member. And each week, after 10 to 15 links, plus my added commentary on each, I'm left with many great items I want to share. Enter Misfill. Here are this weeks links:

Belle and Sebastian's 'If You’re Feeling Sinister' Turns 25 (Pop Matters)

Uni Jetstream Edge Review (Writing at Large)

Ink Review #1694: Kobe 40 Sumiyoshi Brown (Mountain of Ink)

Beer Stained Pulp: A collection of 'nicely designed' old beer mats from Britain's pubs (Creative Boom)

Color Traveler Delta Light Blue on Midori MD (Inkcredible Colours)

Vazir Coral (dapprman)

Paul's Fountain Pen Journal (The Well-Appointed Desk)

S1:P7 — Syringes are my favorite tool for cleaning pens (mnmlscholar)

Ink Review #628: 3 Oysters Cool Grey (Fountain Pen Pharmacist)

Ho ho ho with the Benu Mistletoe (UK fountain pens)

Our Zoom Date with Wes Anderson's Sign Painters (Messy Messy Chic)

War Drawing Pencils / Utility Pencils / WWII Pencils – Part 1 (Pencil Fodder)

Stalogy Planners (Left Hook Pens)

Fred Armisen Teaches a Short Seminar on the History of Punk (Open Culture)

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