The Best Men’s Rain Jackets to Keep You Dry and Stylish Under Any Circumstance

With fall and winter right around the corner (fingers crossed), now is the best time to pick up a proper men’s rain jacket. The worst time? When it’s already pouring and you have to make it from your car to the office. To make things easy, we’ve rounded up the most stylish, water-resistant and all-around best men’s rain jackets that will keep you dry and looking fly.

Depending on the weather report and your planned activity, you may need to invest in more than one raincoat. Live in an area that is particularly partial to frequent downpours? A classic trench for formal events and a more rugged utility jacket for weekend hikes should be staples in your closet. Want to be prepared for the occasional light summer storm? A breathable and lightweight rain jacket is your best bet. What about when you’re traveling and aren’t quite sure what the forecast has in store? We’ve included packable options that fit easily into a backpack or suitcase and are great all-purpose rain jackets.

Whatever you plan to get up in the wide, wet world, whether it’s commuting to the office or hitting the trails, SPY has found a raincoat for you. Just don’t forget an umbrella and rain boots as well.


1. Columbia Men’s Watertight II Waterproof, Breathable Rain Jacket


For most people for most situations, Columbia’s Watertight II Rain Jacket will get the job done. The jacket is lightweight, packable enough to easily fit into a backpack and features elastic pulls on the waist and hood so you can adjust the jacket to you. The plastic on the outside keeps the rain out and nylon keeps you comfortable on the inside, while zippered pockets keep your valuables out of the direct rain. The only downside is this jacket is quite thin, so it won’t keep you warm on its own on a cold wet day and it can soak more easily in heavy rain than heavier-duty rain jackets. But that has an upside too in that this jacket is great to layer under and perfect for those warmer, wetter days. Overall, as long as you’re not out in heavy rain for more than a few minutes, this jacket will fit the bill.

Columbia men's waterproof breathable rain jacket Buy: Columbia Men's Watertight II Waterproof, Breathable Rain Jacket $50.58

2. Levi’s Men’s Rubberized Rain Parka Jacket


If you want to guarantee that water won’t get into your jacket, a fully rubberized option might be better. Levi’s Rubberized Rain Parka Jacket is remarkably cheap for a fully rubberized jacket and it doesn’t hurt that it’s stylish as heck. While the rubber keeps the rain off the jacket, the zipper and button dual front enclosure guarantee nothing’s coming in the front. And if that all sounds like the jacket is going to just seal in the heat, it’s all good: This jacket is also machine washable for those times.

Levi's men's rubberized rain parka jacket

Buy: Levi's Men's Rubberized Rain Parka Jacket $89.99


3. Tretorn Wings Monocrome Padded Rain Jacket


Tretorn is one of the kings of quality rain gear thanks to its history as a rubber maker, not to mention being founded in harsh Sweden weather.

The Tretorn Wings Monocrome Padded Rain Jacket is made with a polyurethane shell and uses heat-welded seams to make it fully waterproof up to 8000mm. With metal press buttons, an adjustable hood and a polyester lining, this is one jacket that will keep you dry, warm and stupid stylish too.

Tretorn Wings Monocrome Padded Rain Jacket

Buy: Tretorn Wings Monohrome Padded Rain Jacket $82.00


4. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Waterproof Breathable Hooded Jacket


What could we say about Tommy Hilfiger that you don’t already know? The company makes solid, classy clothing at a price point most people can afford. At that price point though, you shouldn’t expect this jacket to be fully waterproof. The shell is 100% nylon, so it’s more water resistant than waterproof. But if you just need a basic rain jacket for short commutes and day-to-day errands, Tommy Hilfiger’s jacket will keep you dry from point A to point B without breaking the bank.

Tommy Hilfiger men's waterproof hooded jacket

Buy: Tommy Hilfiger Waterproof Hooded Jacket $39.99


5. The North Face Men’s Venture 2 Waterpoof Rain Jacket


The North Face just makes great outdoor products in general and it’s rain jacket is as good as you would expect. One undervalued bonus of being a leading manufacturer of outerwear is the sheer variety you can offer while still maintaining quality. Amazon alone offers 40 different colors for this style, but the jackets all offer the same quality protection in the end. This jacket features a durable water-repellent coating to stop rain from seeping through, and adjustable cuffs and a cinch cord on the waist for a customized fit. Yup, no matter which color suits you, The North Face has got your back, and it’ll keep it dry.

Man wears The North Face Men's Venture 2 Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket in khaki

Buy: The North Face Men’s Venture 2 Waterpoof Rain Jacket $69.25


6. SaphiRose Rain Poncho Jacket


If you’ve never given the tried-and-true poncho a shot, now’s your chance. Though they won’t hold up on a seriously windy day, rain ponchos are basically a giant piece of plastic with a hood and hole for your head that can go on top of anything. Combine that with the fact that you can stuff these things in a pocket, and you can begin to see how having a cheap poncho in your backpack isn’t such a bad idea. As far as ponchos go, SaphiRose’s Rain Poncho Jacket took the basic concept and added a little extra value in the form of a front zipper, heat-sealed seams, a pocket and an adjustable hood. For $20, throw it in your car or side backpack pocket for a rainy day. It’s humble, but it just might surprise you with how much rain it keeps out.

Rain poncho jacket coat

Buy: SaphiRose Rain Poncho Jacket $22.99


7. Marmot Minimalist Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket


For most of the year in many climates, lightweight rain jackets are the order of the day, especially when it’s wet and warm.

The Marmot Minimalist Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket is one of the best lightweight rain jackets out there for its quality design and details. It’s waterproof, lightweight and packable thanks to its Gore-Tex fabric, and armpit zippers help your body breathe on those warmer wet days. It also moves and wears really well thanks to its lightweight construction and articulated elbows. Add in an adjustable hood, drawcord waist hem and zippered pockets and you’ve got one great lightweight rain jacket.

Marmot Men's Minimalist LIghtweight Waterproof Rain Jacket in green

Buy: Marmot Minimalist Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket $189.00


8. Arc’teryx Zeta SL Jacket Men’s


The term high-end gets thrown around a lot when researching the best men’s rain jackets, but Arc’teryx’s Zeta SL Jacket is the real deal. Mountain climbers wear this stuff for a reason. This jacket is designed to be super light for those long outdoor treks, but the Gore-Tex keeps you windproof, waterproof and comfortable at the same time. There are more expensive rain jackets out there, including from Arc-teryx, but this is the price point where you’ll start to see diminishing returns because you don’t need a jacket much more technically sophisticated than this. If you’re looking for a reliable, durable rain jacket to get you through the next decade, Arc’teryx is among the safest bets.

Arcteryx Zeta SL rain jacket mens

Buy: Arc'teryx Zeta SL Jacket Men's $299.00


9. Helly-Hansen Workwear Men’s Woodland Raincoat


Helly-Hansen’s Workwear Men’s Woodland Raincoat is the definition of a no-frills raincoat. If you just want as much coverage as possible while spending as little as possible, this is the longest raincoat we could find that didn’t cost hundreds of dollars.

Helly Hansen workwear men's woodland raincoat

Buy: Helly-Hansen Workwear Men's Woodland Rain Coat $80.00


10. L.L. Bean Men’s Trail Model Rain Jacket


Do you go hiking, but it’s really just for the craft beers afterward? Perhaps there’s that cute girl from Bumble who picked Mountains over Beaches, and you need to try and look the part? This option from L.L. Bean is a can’t miss if you’ve said “yes” to any of the questions above. It’s no surprise that one of the best men’s rain jackets comes from L.L. Bean, as the company makes some of the world’s best outdoor apparel, and has for a century.

This men’s rain jacket is packable, comes in colors that would help the Park Rangers find you after you take a tumble, and actually will keep you quite dry and comfortable. Wear it with chinos, alpine boots and a thermal long sleeve to hike (even if it’s just through Brooklyn), or with faded jeans and vans to the corner deli.

L.L. Bean men's trail model rain jacket

Buy: L.L. Bean Men's Trail Model Rain Jacket $99.00


11. Men’s Packable Half-Zip Hooded Jacket by Champion


For a lightweight rain jacket that is easy to keep stored in a backpack, on a bike or in your desk, we like the Men’s Packable Half-Zip Hooded Water-Resistant Jacket by Champion. The water-resistant and packable jacket is a half-zip pullover style that includes an attached hood and a scuba caller. Great for light drizzles during warm weather or to use as the top layer over heavier items, the Champion jacket is a great option for travel and is available in four solid colors.

Men's Packable Half-Zip Hooded Jacket by Champion Buy: Men's Packable Half-Zip Hooded Water-Resistant Jacket by Champion $45.00

12. Barbour Classic Bedale Waxed Cotton Jacket


Barbour has been a classic prep staple for years. The classic olive coloring and the corduroy collar has been used with jeans, with suits, with business casual and to run around to the corner store. It comes along with a certain look that’s not very fashion-forward, but it certainly has a classic air to it. If you find yourself frequently airing on the side of classic instead of flashy, this is the pick for you.

Barbour classic bedale wax jacket

Buy: Barbour Classic Bedale Waxed Cotton Jacket $395.00


13. Gore Wear Men’s Cycling Jacket


The rain doesn’t have to cancel your daily bike ride and it won’t if you have the Gore Wear Men’s Cycling Jacket. This jacket is made with Gore-Tex to fight the wind and rain as well as a cut designed for cycling. It’s super light, breathes well and can even fold into the waterproof zip back pocket, in case the rain calls it quits before you do. And even if it starts to get a bit gross over time, just toss it in the washing machine for a good-as-new refresh.

Gore Wear Men's Cycling Jacket Gore Tex Paclite in blue

Buy: Gore Wear Men’s Cycling Jacket $200.00


14. OTU Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket


The OTU Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket may not seem like a go-to rain jacket, but it’s one of Amazon’s best-selling rain jackets for multiple good reasons.

It’s lightweight and breathable, lined for warmth and moisture-wicking, features an adjustable tuck-away hood and is fully waterproof. It’s also unbelievably cheap and loved by thousands of purchasers. What else more could you ask for in a rain jacket?

OTU Men's Lightweight Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket in black

Buy: OTU Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket $35.99


15. Carhartt Men’s Insulated Shoreline Jacket


Though quantity of sales is a decent barometer for quality, hundreds of five-star reviews are even better. The Carhartt Men’s Insulated Shoreline Jacket is one the highest-rated rain jackets on Amazon, with 88% five-star reviews on over 500 ratings.

Reviewers praised every aspect of this jacket, including its warmth, water-resistance and durability. Whether you’re talking the dog for a walk on a wet cold day or hiking through rough forest trails in a downpour, this is one rain jacket you will be glad to be wearing.

Carhartt Men's Insulated Shoreline Jacket

Buy: Carhartt Men’s Insulated Shoreline Jacket $149.99


16. REI Co-op Rainier Rain Jacket


It’s always nice to have options when purchasing a new piece of clothing and the REI Co-op Rainier Rain Jacket has plenty, including multiple color options and a wide size range. The affordable jacket is an excellent basic that can be worn on the hiking trail or while running to catch a bus. Windproof up to 60 mph and designed with sealed seams for waterproof protection, the jacket has several smart features, including a three-piece detachable hood and a drawcord hem and cuffs to keep out wind and snow. Armpit vents provide airflow when temperatures begin to rise and we also like that the jacket can be packed away into the left pocket for a convenient travel option.

REI Co-op Rainier Rain Jacket

Buy: REI Co-op Rainier Rain Jacket $89.95


17. Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket


For a jacket that will keep you dry through several rainy seasons, there’s the Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket. The highly durable, three-layer jacket provides waterproof protection with a microfleece-lined neck for added warmth and comfort. The outside of the jacket has a durable water repellent coating that sheds rain and snow. The packable jacket includes several smart and convenient features, including hip and wrist cuffs to keep cold air out, internal storm flaps, and a two-way adjustable hood with a laminated storm visor for extreme downpours. We also like that Patagonia makes a product you can feel good about wearing. The outside of the jacket is made with post-consumer recycled materials and is crafted in a Fair Trade-certified sewing facility.

Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket

Buy: Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket $149.00


18. United by Blue Men’s Recycled Rain Shell


Though it might feel like nothing you do will affect the environment, buying something made from recycled and/or sustainable materials is a damn good start. The United by Blue Men’s Recycled Rain Shell is one such recycled rain jacket, with the shell made from 100% recycled polyester. As a shell, it won’t keep you very warm on its own, making it perfect for warmer wet days with a T-shirt or a sweater for colder days, but whatever the temp, the water repellant-treated exterior ensures the rain stays out.

United by Blue Men's Recycled Rain Shell in blue

Buy: United by Blue Men's Recycled Rain Shell $128


19. Seawolf Packable Waterproof Jacket by Canada Goose


For a splurge-worthy jacket that will keep you dry and warm through torrential downpours, there is the Seawolf Packable Waterproof Jacket by Canada Goose. Available in three colors and five sizes, the breathable jacket is 4 inches lower in the back with an open slit for added comfort and coverage. Rated for temperatures down to 23 degrees F, the jacket comes with an adjustable hood that includes an extended brim. Hook and loop cuffs help to keep rain and wind out. Reflective details make wearers more visible and the jacket can be packed into the hood for added convenience. As with all Canada Goose products, the high price point does come with some sticker shock, but it’s also backed by a company that has a reputation for making high-quality, long-lasting products that can withstand the elements.

Man wears Canada Goose Seawolf Packable Waterproof Jacket in orange

Buy: Seawolf Packable Waterproof Jacket by Canada Goose $750.00


20. Provisional Water Repellent Rain Jacket by Adidas


Don’t let a little rain get in the way of your Eagle. This stretchy, water-repellent golf jacket by Adidas keeps wearers dry without restricting their swing. Partial elastic cuffs and hem — along with a chin guard and stand collar — keep rain and wind out so that you can concentrate on your putt. Front welt pockets give wearers a place to keep their tees and warm their hands between holes. We also like that the lightweight jacket can easily be folded to fit inside a golf bag to keep on hand for changing weather patterns.

Provisional Water Repellent Rain Jacket by Adidas

Buy: Provisional Water Repellent Rain Jacket by Adidas $85.00


21. Lightweight Hooded Rain Jacket by Rains


If you’re looking for a basic raincoat without any frills that will keep you dry, we like the Lightweight Hooded Rain Jacket by Rains. Opting for a more traditional, minimalist style, the unisex jacket has a matte waterproof finish with a front snap closure and drawstring hood. A back storm flap and back vent add coverage and breathability and the packable design makes it a great option for taking on the go. The straight fit of the jacket also makes this an ideal option for users who want to be able to comfortably layer underneath their rain protection.

Man wears Rains Lightweight Hooded Rain Jacket

Buy: Lightweight Hooded Rain Jacket by Rains $110.00


22. Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket by Columbia


Tall people are the first to know when it’s raining (bah dum dum), so they should have a rain jacket built for their body size. The Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket by Columbia is a waterproof jacket designed specifically for taller customers. The color block jacket features a full front zip closure and stand collar with a removable hood. Larger interior and exterior pockets provide ample storage and the lightweight, roomy jacket is great for layering.

Man wears Columbia Men's Big & Tall Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket

Buy: Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket by Columbia $75.00


23. Helly-Hansen 33874 Men’s Crew Hooded Midlayer Jacket


A contender for the most highly rated rain jacket, the Helly-Hansen is an all-around fantastic rain jacket, but it’s especially good for cold weather thanks to its soft fleece lining. A hood, sealed seams, zippered pockets and polyester shell do their part to keep the rain out too.

Helly-Hansen Men's Crew Hooded Midlayer Jacket

Buy: Helly-Hansen 33874 Men's Crew Hooded Midlayer Jacket $175.00


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