What I’m Working On…

I got a lot of sewing time in this week.  It was mostly done in small spurts of squeezed in time but I’ll take anything I get.  I’m really on a push to finish up a few of these projects.

When I left you last Monday, this was the progress on my Bitcoin quilt.

Then on Tuesday, I told you that I put in a big push and got the quilt top this far.

The plan was to just add a row per day but then Tuesday night I said, “Heck with that plan, I’m finishing it.”  So after work, I went to the sewing room and an hour later, it was completely done.

Here it is…

It’s done but for now, just in a pile waiting for the time for me to iron it!

This is something I will save until one of my kids call or nap time for my childcare kids rolls around.

From there as long as I was on a roll I forged ahead with my Show Off quilt.  This is a free Quilted Twins pattern made with 100% cotton recycled shirts.   Here is a link to the free pattern.  I started sewing everything into rows.

The next morning I got up early and sewed on this then too.  By the time I was ready to start childcare I had everything sewn into strips.

Over nap time, I started pinning.

I was on a roll with this and REALLY wanted to get the top together and push for a finish.  I was so wanting to check a UFO off the list.

Here it is all into a top…but is it??  Do you want to chime in with opinions on this?

Below is the original pattern.   I am making this as a wedding present for a gal that did a lot of decorating that is Vintage Farmhouse style.

I got the center together.  I went to add the borders and then stopped.  I love the scrappy borders…but, the quilt tops kind of goes from looking pretty good as a Vintage Farmhouse quilt to looking more like a utility quilt by adding the borders…don’t you think??

I really think I am going to leave the quilt alone and not add the borders.  Without them, the top looks more clean and crisp…more Vintage Farmhouse like…right??  Chime in and let me know what you think.

I didn’t work a lot on Garlic Knots.  All of my energy went into getting Bitcoin and Show Off to completion.  That didn’t mean I completely ignored Garlic Knots.  I started sewing border pieces as a leader and enders.  It’s not a lot of progress but that’s totally okay.

I got all of one of the border units sewn and then one night while supper was cooking I ironed them all.

Here they are ready to go into the quilt.

My goal is always to simply add a little progress…and I did that.

Somehow in the mix, I pulled this out.  This was a project Kelli started when she first started sewing.  The pieces aren’t the same sizes.  She did some newbie errors long ago when she first started quilting.  Rather than tossing it, I decided it was the perfect nap time project for me.  The hourglass blocks need to be taken apart.  Then ironed.  Then they need to be trimmed and put back together.

Ripping these apart over naptime is the PERFECT project.  No concentration is required.  I did get a start on taking them apart.  These have no deadline or hurry…at least not yet.

The other project I worked on was machine quilting my batik charm square quilt.  I worked on it on Saturday…

I used my hook and point motif.

I did a video about it. You can watch it if you’d like.

My sewing room is on the second floor but I have a window that looks out over the river.  I had told you that there was flooding in our town.  Read HERE if you missed that.

I think I was a little anxious about it all and then had trouble concentrating on the quilt.  It was more work than fun.  I plugged along anyway.  I was so relieved when Karl came and took me out for supper so I had a reason to quit.

Sunday I got up and finished the quilt.  It still needs binding before it’s an official finish.

I’m pretty happy with all I accomplished this week.  As I said, I didn’t have a lot of uninterrupted time so I was really amazed by how much I got done.

A flooding update.  Everything is good now.  There are damaged trees, lawns and roads all over but gradually everything will get better.  My garden is okay.  Some of my tomatoes ended up with a little rot as they sat in water but it’s part of gardening.  Thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers that were sent our way.  It’s much appreciated.

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